Therapy Clinic

Holistic Therapies such as massage, shiatsu, and mindfulness meditation are a sensible complement to your active lifestyle. At Meadowlark, our Therapist Associates are highly-trained and offer a selective range of treatments to promote wellness.

We believe in the positive impact of exercise on physical and mental health whether you are an elite athlete or occasional yogi.

We will work with you to maximise performance, promote health and prevent injury.

Therapies are located in the Moon Studio at 43 Argyle Place.

Fiona Sutherland

Fiona offers the following therapies:

Hot Stone + Indian Head Massage (30min): £35

Hot Stone + Indian Head Massage (60min): £65

Hot Stone Massage (30min): £40

Hot Stone Massage (60min): £60

Indian Head Massage (45min): £45

Sports Massage (30min): £35

Sports Massage (45min): £45

Sports Massage (60min): £50

Swedish Massage (30min): £30

Swedish Massage (60min): £45

Call: 0131 228 7581
fiona sutherland
maria shlumukova

Maria Shlumukova

Maria offers the following therapies:

Shiatsu (60min): £45

Shiatsu (60min) – 5 block: £200

Shiatsu (60min) – 10 block: £380

Pre & Post Natal Shiatsu (60min): £35

Call: 0131 228 7581

Ashley Watson

Ashley offers the following therapies:

Mindfulness Meditation (60min): £45

Emotional Freedom Technique (60min): £45

Reiki (60min): £45

Call: 0131 228 7581
ashley watson
Simon Kirkness

Simon Kirkness

Simon offers the following therapies:

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (75min): £45

Booking slots:

Mondays: 11.30-12.45, 13.00-14.15, 14.30-15.45

Call: 0131 228 7581