Early Bird gets the… best mat space.

Early Bird gets the… best mat space.

n looking for a nonviolent alternative for that saying about the springtime worm massacre, that’s the best we could do. Sorry. But the point is: NEW LED CLASSES FOR SPRING! Booking is now open to the public for a range of new classes starting the 21st of April. These are all available on the drop-in basis or book blocks of 5/10 classes. Hot off the press:


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Karen Kirkness
Meadowlark Yoga Founder

Karen Kirkness founded Meadowlark Yoga in 2008. She has been studying yoga since 1998 and holds degrees in Fine Art and a masters in Human Anatomy from the University of Edinburgh. Karen posts about her passion for yoga, art, and anatomy, when she's not riding bikes with her husband. Check out her blog for more.