Three Reasons Aerial Yoga is Essential for Long Distance Runners

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Three Reasons Aerial Yoga is Essential for Long Distance Runners

What’s the ONE thing you fear most as a long-distance runner?

Injuries, right?rsz_mly6

Not being able to do the thing you love whenever you want.

As a long-distance runner, you KNOW the toll you put on your body.

You know the discipline it takes to endure the distance.

But have you ever considered how Aerial Yoga could reduce your risk of injury and help your run farther, for longer?

Here are three reasons why we think Aerial Yoga can be the perfect injury-proofing supplement to your training:

Reason 1: Joint & Spinal Decompression

Running for any length of time puts a lot of repeated pressure on your joints.

It starts through your feet and ankles, but that rhythmic pounding joins up to impact the knees, hips, spine and neck.  A regular exposure to this pressure over increasing amounts of time builds compression in your spinal discs.

And when you sit for the rest of the day, this pressure is compounded.

Aerial yoga provides a safe ways to decompress your spine: by hanging safely in the hammock.  Your chance of back injury is greatly reduced if you add a decompression practice into your running routine: running = increased pressure & disc compression, aerial yoga = spinal decompression.

In addition some of the poses in the hammock give extra relief to your hips and neck, by allowing them to stretch out with safe support.

Reason 2: Enhanced stretching

Your joints and discs aren’t the only thing that get compressed with long-distance running: your muscles get overworked too!

And as you know, sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you stretch, you just can’t get those calves/hamstrings/quads to release.

The hammock used in Aerial Yoga is like a stretching assistant: by putting your limbs in the safe care of the hammock, you can stretch further and more effectively than if you were to do it using your own balance and gravity.

Reason 3: Increased endurance

Inversions help pump blood to the heart and head, which encourages an intense detox and an alternative working of the heart.  Giving your heart a more varied workout will increase it’s capacity to deal with greater endurance.


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