So Why Juice?

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So Why Juice?

The Meadowlark Juice Plan provides three litres of fresh organic juice each day as a substitute for ordinary eating patterns for between 1 and 7 days. It has been taken up by a wide variety of people – both those new to juicing and some very familiar faces too.


But why do it?

What’s interesting is that people’s motivations for juicing differ but everyone appears to reap the benefits. Sometimes in surprising ways:

Juicing as a nutritional boost

One reason for taking part is the vibrancy, vitality and pure joie de vivre gained from treating the body to a feast of raw nutrition. Freshly juiced organic fruit and veg burst with vitamins and minerals to make you feel and look great.  As juicing removes bulky fibre, nutrients are accessed more easily, giving the digestive system a bit of a break.  You’d have to eat some very large salads indeed to take on board all the nutrients in 3 litres of juice.

Juicing to cleanse and detox

Others refer to the plan as a ‘juice cleanse’, a means of detoxing the body – especially after a period of excess. With the digestive system doing less work than normal, the body is able to expel built up toxins. Many juice ingredients have cleansing and alkalizing properties to help the process. Beetroot, for example, is a recognised liver cleanser, kale is a major source of important antioxidants, ginger is anti inflammatory.


Juicing for weight management

For some, the aim of juicing is simple – to lose weight. Of course, taking on a juice plan and then returning to the eating patterns that caused the weight gain is not at all effective in the long term.

But the experience of juicing can promote a new, healthier long term relationship with food.  Juicers often report that they become far more conscious about what they eat after juicing and are more alert to the effects of different foods on the body. And this can be a surprising, profound and even life changing experience.

One of our regular juicers eloquently sums it up:

“Juicing unquestionably recalibrates my relationship to food … it makes me much more mindful about what I eat. It helps me to differentiate between how my body reacts to fresh, raw substances, which make me feel noticeably more energetic and clear headed, compared to when I consume more refined, sugary foods, which make me crash almost immediately after the initial mini-burst of energy they provide”.


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