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MSc Human Anatomy
E-RYT 500, Yoga Alliance
Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance UK
BFA(hons), MFA, Member of the Anatomical Society
Meadowlark Yoga Founding Teacher

Karen Kirkness is American by birth and now based in Scotland with her husband, Simon. She attributes her life of adventure and making things to a continuously adapting Yoga practice. After moving to Edinburgh from Florida to complete a master’s degree from the edinburgh college of art, Karen pursued an art career before finally settling in Edinburgh with some hard-won perspective.

As a keen cyclist for many years, Karen is no stranger to injuries and chronic tightness. In her 20s and early 30s, Yoga was the panacea for all the ravages of endurance sports and artistic adventuring. Slowly over the years she founded the client base that underpins Meadowlark, the Edinburgh Yoga studio Karen calls home. Together with her husband, Karen now lives her passion for healing through Yoga.

After 15 years of Yoga practice, Karen spent a year in the dissection lab learning about human anatomy at the University of Edinburgh as part of her second Masters degree. Her fascination with anatomy and subtle body concepts are fuel for a varied artistic practice including life drawing and 3D printing anatomical models. In addition to her ever-deepening appreciation of Ashtanga Yoga, Karen attends ISCAA (International Symposium for Clinical and Applied Anatomy) annual meetings and writes articles centred on anatomy concepts, art, and the creative process.

After years of burning the candle at all of the ends, Karen has consolidated her Pitta-typical habits into a less-is-more approach with the help of her Ayurvedic teachers Emma Burrows and Kate O’Donnell. Travel is now mostly about getting to Boston, Florida, and India to see family and connect with Yoga community she has cultivated in these places over the years. The rest of the time, Karen likes to make things, read, and get swallowed up in nature.

Karen’s teaching practice is centred on developing creative anatomy training techniques in order to better understand the unifying principles of Yoga. Having first studied with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore in 2003, Karen later worked with Sharath, as her first teachers of Mysore style. David Keil was an early influence on Karen’s development of anatomical ideas in Yoga, and her art teacher Robert Rivers has also been a key mentor. Karen’s current Yoga teachers, Sarah Hatcher and Dena Kingsberg, are a source of continuous light and inspiration on the practice of Yoga and compassionate living.

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Karen Kirkness
Meadowlark Yoga Founder

Karen Kirkness founded Meadowlark Yoga in 2008. She has been studying yoga since 1998 and holds degrees in Fine Art and a masters in Human Anatomy from the University of Edinburgh. Karen posts about her passion for yoga, art, and anatomy, when she's not riding bikes with her husband. Check out her blog for more.