Meet Joanna Darlington

Meet Joanna Darlington

JoannaProfileJoanna Darlington will be joining us as a Guest Teacher for December 2015 and January 2016. She’ll be covering the Morning Mysore programme for Sarah Hatcher in December and assisting in the expanded Mysore programme in January. Learn more about this accomplished yogi right here:

Joanna started with yoga in 2004. Though she has studied various styles, including Iyengar and restorative, she has maintained a primary focus in Ashtanga yoga and the lineage of David Garrigues. She has continued to learn and benefit from the depths of her practice and study as it has been presented to her through the guidance of her teacher and dedication to daily practice.

As senior apprentice to David, she often travels with and assists him when sharing his knowledge both in the US and India. Her love of ashtanga yoga, and her passion for teaching it, continues to blossom through her study and all that has come from it. Joanna is currently serving as a guest teacher in various yoga studios across the globe and enjoys the beauty of experiencing and being a part of a larger reaching community of yogis along the way.

Joanna has also been a professional graphic designer for more than eleven years. The last four of those years she has been operating as a freelance designer, traveling around the world and developing connections with other artists and creative’s. The inspirations are excitedly expanding and continue to create a beautiful compliment to her teaching. You can learn more about Joanna’s work right here.


In January 2016, Joanna will be running a series of unique workshops to enhance your practice. Learn more about these here.


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