The three most common questions our receptionists get asked

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The three most common questions our receptionists get asked

When you run a yoga studio with over 100 weekly classes and a variety of types of classes, you get asked a LOT of questions.

Our lovely reception staff are always on hand to help, and we asked them to list the top three questions they get asked the most (and their answers of course!):

  1. How much are classes: A normal drop in class is £12. If you are a student, or otherwise entitled to a discount of 10-15% (NHS, unemployed, OAP, disability, yoga teacher or EUYS) we can register your discount to your account and it applies for all future purchases of single classes and blocks. Blocks are a little more economical in that a 5-class block is £50, which is £2 off per class, and a 10-class block £90, which is £3 off per class. The blocks last a whole year, so you can come and go. But single drop-ins last a month.
  2. What’s the difference between the classes; i.e. styles of yoga?: It’s good to get a little background on the client to see if they have had any yoga experience, and in what style. If not, it’s a good idea to start off with a general Vinyasa Flow Class. Continuing, uninterrupted movement for the duration of class, with a dynamic array of postures throughout and savasana (relaxation) at the end. It’s just room temperature, and you’ll be relaxed and invigorated at the same time! It’s a good idea to take a Beginner’s six week course, if you’d like to build up some confidence, and get to know how postures work, and how to get in and out of them safely. Lots starting in the new year!
    The ashtanga style, for example, is wonderful; it’s a yoga that requires dedication and commitment; a life-long practice. It’s a set sequence which is repeated each time you practice. With time, you ‘graduate’ to new postures, which are added on to your practice. The Yoga Sutras are closely knitted with this practice and acts like a handbook for life, in a way. It encourages you to take the practice off the mat and act mindfully, with awareness throughout your daily life. It’s fantastic for balance, cleansing the body, and focus. A quiet time of day, away from everything, where you can come back to yourself and just be at one with your breath. Yin is a rather advanced practice. It acts as restoration for regular practicing yogis and might be unsuitable for someone with not much experience. It requires postures to be held, passively, for a much longer period, in order to let the body/muscles restore. No sweating in this class. Whilst it’s relaxing, it does require a fair amount of focus, in order for it to have a beneficial effect.
  3. Do I need a mat for aerial yoga?: Aerial is mostly off the mat, in a hammock, but a mat is required as with any proper yoga class, savasana must be taken at the end of the class, to seal in the practice. We hire mats out for £2.

If YOU have a question for our reception team, simply email them at

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