Avid Yogi Teacher Training: A Review by Sharday Murray

Avid Yogi Teacher Training: A Review by Sharday Murray

[fusion_text]The Avid Yogi Teacher Training course has been the best experience of my life so far!

After making the decision to leave half way through a two year Yoga Teacher Training with another organisation because I was unhappy with the course,  it was important to me to get it right second time round.  I wanted to find a course that would push me, in my own practice and my teachings, mental and physically, to be the best that I could be – and that is exactly what I got with Avid Yogi TT!

I was nervous before starting that I wouldn’t be at the right level of fitness for the course, that I didn’t know Ashtanga Yoga well enough, that everyone else on the course would be Kino MacGregor look-a-likes,  but that wasn’t the case at all.  Everyone was at different stages of their yoga journey and had completely different abilities, which actually made the learning experience better as it was realistic of students in a real life yoga class.

The theory and practical elements were balanced well.  The timetable had a lot of variety and plenty of different lessons each day so it never felt like too much of one thing in one go. The structure of the course and organisation that went into setting up the course was excellent – I couldn’t believe that this was the first time it has ever ran, I was truly shocked!

We practiced Primary series at least once every day, either Led or Mysore.  If you needed a break, there were always options to adapt your practice, shadow the class, or offer adjustments instead.  “Listen to your body”, became the most important thing for me during the course – what did my body need, not my ego.

My personal practice improved each day – I noticed that I was able to reach further in forward bends, or bind easily in postures when it once seemed to be an impossibility.  I noticed the improvement in my strength and technique, and with all of this, I understood postures more clearly which I was then able to share with students in my teaching practice.

The course is very physical, lots of sweating, lots of changing outfits and having showers on breaks.  My body ached for the first three days – then the aches completely disappeared!  Getting back on the mat seemed to be the key for me to push through muscle fatigue.

Karen is a fantastic teacher and teacher trainer.  Her knowledge and understanding of yoga and anatomy blows my mind!  Her classes, practical and theory, were always very well structured and delivered with great attention to detail.  She was always open to suggestions from students on how changing things around or approaching something from a different angle may work better. Karen walked in everyday with a glowing smile on her face and a heart full of positivity and energy, ready to share with us.

We were lucky enough to be taught by many of the other tutors at Meadowlark, practical and theory, and the happiness that Yoga brings shines out of them all like giant sunbeams!  There is so much yoga wisdom under one roof at Meadowlark and the intensive course incorporated fantastic learning moments with all these knowledgeable people.

I met some beautiful people, tutors, fellow students, lady who bakes the delicious aubergine cakes, and I can honestly say I made some friends of life. Karen always encourages constructive criticism so I will finish up with my one and only critique……3 weeks was not long enough!

by Sharday Murray

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You can learn more about our in-house Yoga Teacher Training School, Avid Yogi, right here or email Nina at for more information.[/fusion_text]

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