Meet New Teacher Naomi

Meet New Teacher Naomi

We’re excited to introduce our newest teacher Naomi Schogler, another one of our awesome Avid Yogi graduates. Naomi’s welcoming approach to yoga will be a welcome addition to our growing team, and we know you’ll love her Gentle & Core Vinyasa classes on a Sunday afternoon.

We asked Naomi to answer a few questions about her yoga journey so far:

When did you start practising yoga and why?

I had taken a gap year and spent a few months travelling around India but unfathomable to me now did not do any yoga whilst there! I was always interested in all things Indian and carted my autobiography of Gandhi around with me for the year, returning to London aged 19 bedecked in cheap silver jewellery from the beautiful Indian markets. I started a degree in French & Spanish and went to my first yoga classes at university. The years rolled on and it was not until my first pregnancy that I really discovered the potency of yoga through weekly antenatal classes with Caitlin Heavey at Mulberry House. The nights of the yoga classes were the one night of the week when I actually slept deeply and woke refreshed. I also met some wonderful women who are still amongst my closest friends – Charlotte Gardiner from Avid Yogi Teacher Training is one of these. My first experience of the cherished yoga community.
Fast forward to three ceasarian sections in three and a half years which played havoc with my core strength and led to excruciating back pain. This led to the second yogic epiphany. A class with Karen led to a good night’s sleep after months of discomfort. I can remember phoning Meadowlark as soon as I woke up to leave a grateful message for Karen!

What made you want to become a yoga teacher?

I have worked as a French, ESOL & English literature teacher since graduating, working with teenagers and adulMLY2015_Naomi_Dancing_Warriorts of all ages. I am definitely a people person so love the student teacher relationship which has given me alot of job satisfaction. I became a yoga teacher so that I could share my love of yoga with as many people as I can. Yoga has brought me nothing but positives and I want yoga to be part of my daily life on both personal and professional levels.

What’s your favourite type of yoga to teach?

I am currently teaching Vinyasa classes, I have a weekly teen class which is very close to my heart and the students are on the cusp between being children and teens and are just so full of life and ideas and they are just an utter joy, I would love to continue teaching them as the progress through High School.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a yoga practice?

You do not need to be flexible! This seems to be the main concern which stops people from going to a class. I would advise someone to come to class with an open mind and just give a go. Yoga is so life enhancing and is a perpetual journey of discovery.

What do you do apart from teaching yoga?

I am the very proud Mumma to Coco 12, Dexter 9 & Dixie 8. I tutor teens in the run up to their exams. I teach ESOL evening classes to foreign students in Edinburgh. I have some private students who I teach French to. I love taking my dog Alfie for long walks rain or shine. I would love to travel more but may need to wait for the children to fly the nest before indulging that passion again.

Have you had any epic yoga fails or face-plants you can tell us about?

Not yet but I am sure they will come!

Sum yourself up in five words:

Open minded

Join Naomi for her Sunday classes by booking below:

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