Dynamic Mindfulness: The EISF Follow-Up Yoga Workshop with Karen Kirkness

Dynamic Mindfulness: The EISF Follow-Up Yoga Workshop with Karen Kirkness

Dynamic Mindfulness: The EISF Follow-Up Yoga Workshop with Karen Kirkness

Saturday, 9th of April 09:00 – 11:00 at Meadowlark Yoga, 43 Argyle Place

Take your keen interest in body-mind concepts one step further to understand the transformational theory and practice of Patanjali’s yoga.

Following on the overwhelming interest in our sponsored, sold-out event Neuro-Yoga, featured in the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Meadowlark Yoga is hosting this special workshop building on the Neuro-Yoga concepts with Karen Kirkness.

This workshop is designed for those with a serious interest in the mental and physical benefits of Yoga and want to start a regular practice. Join Meadowlark Yoga founding teacher, Karen Kirkness, for this 3-hour session looking at the physicality of Yoga as an integrated body-mind discipline, and go deeper into discussion of the subtle body and its parallels with the physiological stress spectrum.
This workshop is 50% theory and 50% practice, as attendees will be led through an introduction to the vigorous Ashtanga Vinyasa system, the asana basis for all dynamic modern Yoga as we know it. Practitioners can expect the following:
  • contextualisation of modern asana practice – addressing the question “what is yoga?”
  • a basic pranayama technique for stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and reducing stress
  • introduction to the Surya Namaskaras and Standing sequence
  • a bit of philosophy centred on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • some anatomical discussion breaking down the basics of breath, bandha, drishti
This workshop is suitable for all levels, especially those with a keen interest in the power of body-mind practices. Join Karen for a gateway session designed to demystify what happens in a Yoga class and give everyone the tools needed for a dynamic mindfulness practice for optimal physical and mental health.

This 2.5 hour workshop is £25

Concession rates apply: NEURO-YOGA ATTENDEES remember to use your voucher code in the purchase screen!

Students, NHS, OAP – £22.50

EUYS & yoga teachers – £21.25

Please ensure your concession membership for 2015/16 has been registered with Meadowlark before purchase. If you have any questions, please ring us on44 (0)1312287581

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Karen Kirkness
Meadowlark Yoga Founder

Karen Kirkness founded Meadowlark Yoga in 2008. She has been studying yoga since 1998 and holds degrees in Fine Art and a masters in Human Anatomy from the University of Edinburgh. Karen posts about her passion for yoga, art, and anatomy, when she's not riding bikes with her husband. Check out her blog for more.