Yoga + Posh Camping = Soul Circus

Yoga + Posh Camping = Soul Circus

 August in the Cotswolds: Soul Circus with Meadowlark 2016



From the Soul Circus organisers:


  • Yoga classes and workshops
  • The best local teachers in the area
  • Internationally recognised guest teachers
  • Full line-up and timetable to be announced soon!


  • By the Fat Hat Collective




  • Live bands
  • DJs
  • Live DJ yoga classes
  • Sound baths
  • Hot Tubs
  • Massage and holistic treatments
  • Performers
  • Art and craft
  • Kids activity company
  • Retail & merchandise vendors such as Lululemon, Om Shanti, more tbc

Join Karen and Simon for a mega weekend in the Cotswolds connecting with the natural splendour of these extraordinary surroundings. And… Yoga! Karen is guest teaching and camping this weekend together with her husband, Simon. Check out her offering:

Anatomy for Yoga Body Painting Workshop
Your Yoga practice is a body of art – learn about your own human anatomy to experience greater depth in your yoga practice as well as improving your offering as a teacher. In this hands-on workshop, participants will be taught the basics of surface anatomy of the upper back and shoulder, and then have the chance to paint these structures onto each other or themselves.
Be prepared to bare your shoulders; bikini tops or bare upper bodies work best. Basic techniques will be demonstrated so that everyone will feel confident enough to give body painting a try. After the painting, we’ll get on the mats and relate the painted body structures to real life asanas for a fun photo shoot. Materials included.
Yin: The Spinal Sutra

Are you aching to get a little more space? In this 3-hour Master Class, Karen will focus on techniques for opening the back.
This workshop is an introduction to basic anatomy of the spine, and how it relates to the pelvis and shoulders. You will become acquainted with anatomical terms and structures as you begin to hone movements specifically designed to improve your range of motion through your back, chest, shoulders and hips.
Working with a variety of postures to warm-up and build anatomical awareness, practitioners will begin to investigate their natural range of motion. Slowly, you will be encouraged to work deeper into that range, opening shoulders and building the core strength required to support new flexibility. This is a very restorative workshop rooted in relaxation and methodical use of blocks, bolsters, and other props to approach the opening process thoroughly yet gently.
This workshop is perfect for all levels, especially those who wish to build their back bending practice following the Primary Series.


Mention “Meadowlark” in the Soul Circus purchase screen so we know you’re going!

Karen Kirkness
Meadowlark Yoga Founder

Karen Kirkness founded Meadowlark Yoga in 2008. She has been studying yoga since 1998 and holds degrees in Fine Art and a masters in Human Anatomy from the University of Edinburgh. Karen posts about her passion for yoga, art, and anatomy, when she's not riding bikes with her husband. Check out her blog for more.