A Sweet Message from Emma Isokivi

A Sweet Message from Emma Isokivi

A Sweet Message from Emma Isokivi

People say to you “time is going to fly by… enjoy it while you can”.  But at that point you’re in the middle of your pregnancy- around 20/25 week and each week seems to be very slowly ticking by.  But now the possibility of my growing bump turning into a wee one is a very real concept now- with just 3 weeks to my “due date”.

One of the biggest landmarks for me, is that I finish teaching in the late-morning Mysore room (9.30-11.30am) on the 2nd of September.  I hand over the reigns to the very established, capable and totally lovely Joanne Ewen for September and October.  Jo and I have been working together for a while now, and many of you who practice with Sarah Hatcher or I, know her well as she has been in the room assisting.  She’s a dedicated teacher of 10+ years, who is on her mat daily, studying sanskrit counts and mother to Lola alongside teaching several other classes at Meadowlark.

In November and December, Joanne will hand over those steady reigns of the late Mysore program to Kirsten Waugh.  Another dear yogi for us a Meadowlark, who has assisted both myself and Sarah for several years now, alongside training with Karen Kirkness in 2015.  Last year, Kirsten took over the evening Mysore program for me whilst I was studying at KPJAYI (Ashtanga Institute in Southern India), so she has been involved in our various Mysore programs for some time too!

The whole program (earlier and later morning Mysore), will be overseen by my dear teacher, Sarah Durney Hatcher.  Her watchful eyes, keep us (thankfully) on our toes, inspiring us all to keep studying, digging deep and explore the practice both on and off the mat.  Sarah has been a huge resource for me these past months, as she is also a mother- of the gorgeous Dashiel Peter Hatcher, a yogi of 2 years old, who regularly attends Sarah’s free Philosophy and Chanting class on Wednesday at 4-5pm.  His sanskrit pronunciation put the rest of us to shame…  I can only hope that my wee one will be half as cool as Dash!

Sarah has been keeping me- and many other mothers at our shala, healthy and well, supporting us all in our practice.  My practice has changed massively over the past few months, with some asanas coming and going, others modifying and developing.  My mat based practice is currently a mixture of primary, second and some pregnancy specific asanas, lots of sitting and chanting too.

Every mother will have a different experience, so I can only encourage any other new mothers out there to seek the support of their regular teacher.  There are simple broad rules, like not getting too hot, no closed twisting and no compression of the stomach for anyone attending a regular vinyasa style class.  However, I encourage you to ask your teacher or reception at Meadowlark what classes are going to support your pregnancy.  This isn’t a time to start a new dynamic Ashtanga practice, but those who have been regularly practicing for some years can definitely continue their journey.  The book “Yoga Sadhana” is also a brilliant resource for ladies and soon-to-be mothers too.

So, I finish teaching mornings on the 2nd, evening led class on the 9th of September and will return back to my normal teaching commitments on the 1st of January 2017. Meadowlark already has me scheduled to teach a few fun workshops in 2017- so you yogis aren’t getting rid of me that easily.

For those of you whom I’ve been practicing beside, or working with me in the Mysore room, thank you for all your support over the past few months.  From giving up that golden mat space in front of the door (coolest spot in the room!) or patiently letting me figure out how to adjust you with a growing bump.  The community at Meadowlark is, and will continue to be a huge inspiration for me and one which I will be eager to return to in 2017.

For now, wish me luck as I embark on the “7th series” of my yoga practice! (In the Ashtanga system there are 6-series of increasing challenging asanas, so “7th series” as it is lovingly coined, is name for being the ‘hardest’ yoga practice you will do in this life…).

Thank you Emma and all the best from everyone at Meadowlark x

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