Autumn Ayurvedic Cleanse – Phase 3 “Reintroduction”

Autumn Ayurvedic Cleanse – Phase 3 “Reintroduction”

Autumn Ayurvedic Cleanse – Phase 3 “Reintroduction”

If you’re interested in embarking on an Ayurveda cleanse please seek the advice of a qualified Ayurvedic consultant. Please contact Meadowlark reception and we will happily recommend a consultant to help you on your journey.

Reintroduction Phase

Day 8

I’m so happy to be back on my mat again in the Mysore room.  After taking it very easy over the past week, working on gentle movements, quiet walks and pranayama, I’m now ready to start back with a spring in my step.  Although I only intended to start back with a gentle, modified Mysore practice it felt so good from the first Sun Salutations that I just went with it and did my full, sweaty practice.  While it felt good, this may not have been the best idea.  Biting off too much too soon at this phase; both physically and on the meal preparation front could scupper all the hard work I’ve put in to my mindful daily practices and decision making.

Day 9

This phase is all about trial and error.  I’m testing the water with different foods and being very mindful of how they make me feel.  I’ve surprised myself with a craving for kitchari (of all things!) this evening so the mung beans are soaking.  There is something so comforting about this warming, grounding dish at the time of year.  My appetite for chocolate hasn’t returned yet but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!  For now I’m including plenty of fruit, nuts, soups and of course kitchari, as and when required 🙂

Day 10

The cleanse is coming to a close and now it’s time to reflect on how I can maintain this feeling of calm, mindfulness and thoughtful preparation of food.  These past 10 days I have worked so hard to kick some unhelpful habits like planning my next meal during a meal, opting for fast, easy options instead of wholesome and consciously prepared dishes, not listening to what my body is really asking for and instead translating every signal as a call for “sugar!”.

If I could take one thing from this cleanse it would be the importance of prioritising time to mindfully prepare meals.  Often I would favour an extra 30 minutes in bed rather than waking up to prepare a hot, slow cooked porridge.  Over the last 10 days I have really come to love the time spent preparing meals, taking my time and then eventually, savouring the meal itself.  The impact this has had on my appetite, routine, behaviours and physical being has been huge.  I think it will definitely be a work in progress to maintain these new habits, but for now I feel strong and optimistic!

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