Where in the world is Karen Kirkness? – a letter from Sarah Hatcher

Where in the world is Karen Kirkness? – a letter from Sarah Hatcher

Where in the world is Karen Kirkness? – a letter from Sarah Hatcher

Fall is here in Edinburgh and many people are dipping their toes into yoga practice and seeking something new and interesting in their lives. Yoga practice done on a regular basis is a complement to any healthy routine; this in turn increases wellness and happiness in our lives because we regularly feel better, smile more often and are more relaxed about the world around us.

I’d like to thank those who have stepped in to cover our Morning Mysore programme; especially to Joanne Ewen, Kirsten Waugh and Karen Kirkness who have done a tremendous job teaching and running the program while Emma Isokivi has been on maternity leave and while I have been away training with one of my teachers, David Garriuges.

It is because these yogis are committed to their own personal practices – they are on their mats each and every day before they teach; because they are practicing regularly under the guidance of a teacher; and because they are studying the method off their mats via anatomical and philosophical enquiry, that they have become wonderful teachers. We are lucky to have such gifted teachers in the Mysore room caring for our students – and I’d like to thank you ladies for doing such a great job!

Where is Karen some of you may ask? Karen is currently beginning her second month in Mysore studying under Sharath Jois and we all wish her well! We miss her enthusiastic smile and kind laughter. Karen is a big part of the program on a weekly basis. Many of you see she is there practicing alongside you each day and also teaching Thursdays and Fridays and oftentimes staying to assist when we need extra help.

Many students at Meadowlark started with Karen when she first started teaching at Bristo and many of you started with one of her ashtanga basics courses; then with her guidance she has led you towards Mysore. It has been from her entrepreneurship, talented teaching style and perseverance that has led you to take your yoga practice to another level and pushed you out of her nest into the Mysore environment.

We all have so much to thank Director Karen Kirkness for: she founded Meadowlark in 2012 and started teaching Mysore style in Edinburgh over ten years ago. She leads Teacher Trainings, inspires people to become capable and creative teachers and trains many yogis throughout Europe on Anatomy, Yogic Philosophy and Teaching Methodology. She is a recognised international traveling teacher – she heads to Boston annually to teach for Kate O’Donnell. This year she will be teaching for Kate in January and in February after she finishes practicing with Sharath Jois at the end of December.

When she is home, you will see her teaching led classes, beginners courses, Teacher Trainings and Anatomy Workshops. She will also be in the Mysore room on a regularly basis in the early hours – from 5:30-7:30. This means when Karen returns home in March she will be in the room extra early to teach. You could start your practice even earlier, yogi!

Our Mysore program would not be as committed and solid if it weren’t for Karen’s loving devotion to the ashtanga yoga system and having people who also love the system as much as her, to care for the Mysore programme.

Myself and Emma and the rest of our Mysore team are lucky to teach the Morning Mysore programme where we will do all we can to help you yogi, progress in the practice. And we recognise that most likely, many of you have come from Karen’s wise teachings – and we strive to keep you as inspired and focused as Karen would.

Until then let’s wish Karen all the best and to enjoy each and every coconut while in Mysore!

See you on the mat, yogi.


Sarah Hatcher

Sarah Hatcher