A Practice for Spring Time

A Practice for Spring Time

As if by magic the seasons change and here we are again, walking with daffodils and snowdrops under our feet.  While this is a naturally optimistic time of year with life springing up all around us, it is also a time of transition which can slow us down as we shed the protective shell of winter.  Here we’ll talk about the ways to make the transition from winter to spring as smooth as possible.

The keywords this season are MindfulEnergize – Gentle – Breath – Routine – Move

Make gentle changes to your diet

Don’t ditch the soups and stews for cold salads and fruit bowls just yet.  The hearty, grounding, seasonal foods should be kept until we are out of the cold & wet spells as this season is notorious for its changeable weather.  Stay grounded, wear layers, keep mealtimes regular and then gradually start to include the summery foods as the layers start to peel off – no hurry!

Practice yoga with compassion

The first rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds may have us ready to take our mats outside and blast through 108 Sun Salutations from the sheer joy of the season.  What a lovely idea!  But at this time of year make the transition to stronger, more intense practice gently, listening to your body.  In the Ayurvedic tradition, spring characteristics of Kapha are heavy, moist & slow. Choose a practice that feels good, that gently moves your joints and stretches your muscles.  Warming the body & lungs with a strong breath, and a heart focused, flowing practice can help to spring clean the body and prep it for the season ahead.

Maintain focus and intention

It can be easy for our thoughts to run ahead into plans for the rest of the year but it’s important to stay mindful and focus on our daily routine.  Use this time to set intentions for the rest of the year but start implementing your goals in daily life, starting now.  Your daily routine is a great way to make sure that your mind isn’t overtaking the needs of your body.  Set simple and achievable actions through the day to promote health and to bring the mind back to the present.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Starting the day with hot water and lemon – start on the right foot and increase the likelihood of making healthier choices through the day.
  • Regular mealtimes – an opportunity to savor your food, practice mindful eating and limit the chance of unnecessary snacking.
  • Exercise daily – a brisk walk, energizing yoga practice, dancing… take your pick.  These are all great ways to blow the Kapha cobwebs away.
  • Tea time – setting a couple of tea breaks through the day to hit pause, reflect and enjoy some peace.
  • Bedtime, not too early not too late – while we don’t want to oversleep in the sometimes sluggish Kapha season (try not to nap), it is important to maintain routine bedtimes to get optimum sleep and recharge the batteries.

Remember! – MindfulEnergize – Gentle – Breath – Routine – Move

For a more detailed look at the Ayurvedic recommendations for spring, click here.

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