Post-natal Breakthroughs and Jump-throughs

Post-natal Breakthroughs and Jump-throughs

by Emma Isokivi

This progression video is from our late-morning Mysore teacher Emma Isokivi who, after six years of daily Ashtanga yoga practice AND six months postpartum, has mastered the art of jumping through with straight legs.

Emma says: “Before I got pregnant, I was practicing to Karandavasana, which is just over half way in the Ashtanga Intermediate Series.

Post-partum, I knew I wanted to do just primary for an extended period of time. Primary series (even just standing) builds a lot of strength for me- which is exactly what I needed after being pregnant. With all of the Relaxin and hormones from being pregnant/breastfeeding the majority of my flexibility has stayed, however my strength didn’t! So to ensure I stay safe and don’t “over stretch”- I need focus on stability.
The primary series practice now for me is now as much about the vinyasa as it is about the asanas. They are both potent and important aspects to work hard on.
Practice still happens every (goddamn!) day for me, but the time of day, length and location is still very organic so I can support my family in the best way possible. Sometimes 5am after breastfeeding, sometimes I grab 30 mins before teaching and then try to do another hour in the afternoon (that was today!).  Sometimes practice is only 15mins on that day.
Random breakthroughs (like this jump through). Sometimes as a practitioner you just keep plugging away, digging deeply into practice and not much seems to change. Then suddenly you surprise yourself… (“just keep swimming” like finding nemo).
The jump through (and back – still working on that!) journey is a fun one.
Stepping the feet, then snuffling, the wiggle, the hop and slide (and often carpet burns/ thick skin builds on your feet), the jump through with crossed leg, then maybe even straight legs…”

Emma practices Ḻaghu-Vajrāsana (of the Intermediate Series) at 17 weeks (bottom) and 37 weeks (top).

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