What the 200hr Teacher Training means to Karen

What the 200hr Teacher Training means to Karen

As we finalise this year’s diverse group of trainees from around the UK, EU, and North America, I find myself getting even more excited than usual to meet everyone. I’m so much looking forward to leading this summer’s Yoga Teacher Training Intensive and exploring the fundamentals of yoga with this new batch of teachers-to-be. After spending the last five years writing and revising the content in our manual and presentation materials, this year I feel especially prepared to meet these new trainees and watch their progress flourish.

It is especially rewarding to share the journey with my team of assisting faculty, who together have over 40 years yoga teaching experience to add to my own 17 years of experience as a professional instructor of yoga. After all, learning to share practice is a process that rests firmly in personal experience of yoga within each one of us. With every passing year, I’m humbled by the vast wealth of wisdom of my own teachers and it is only with the greatest respect for the transformational power of this practice that I continue offering trainings for prospective teachers who are just starting out on their own journey.

After delivering the Avid Yogi 200 Hour YTT program to a growing number of trainees, I have had the benefit of watching their transformations unfold individually. The “proof is in the pudding,” as they say, and if the thriving trainees I’ve watched progress into inspirational new teachers is anything to go by, then I am justified in my satisfaction. It is their excellence that gets me so excited about meeting the next group and becoming part of yoga journeys afresh, with new and unique people ready to take the next step in their lives.

Everyone is different and reasons for taking on a YTT vary widely from just wanting to immerse oneself in yoga study, to specifically intending to become a yoga teacher. Whatever the initial intentions, studying yoga intensively with a tight group for a 3-week period will bring about many unintended results that can be delightful, life-changing, amusing, and terrifying; sometimes all at once. My job is to hold a supportive space for this process and present a balanced curriculum of content within which these changes can find context. I couldn’t feel more privileged to serve in this role for another year, and can’t wait to share in the resulting community.

Still a few spaces left but they’re going fast. Contact our Training Manager, Nina (, with any questions about our YTT and CPD Trainings.

Karen Kirkness
Meadowlark Yoga Founder

Karen Kirkness founded Meadowlark Yoga in 2008. She has been studying yoga since 1998 and holds degrees in Fine Art and a masters in Human Anatomy from the University of Edinburgh. Karen posts about her passion for yoga, art, and anatomy, when she's not riding bikes with her husband. Check out her blog for more.