Toe Transitions with Sarah Hatcher

Toe Transitions with Sarah Hatcher

Have you ever wondered how yogis transition from one position to the next, just using their toes? Sarah took some time to show us how:

Sarah Hatcher Toe Roll from Meadowlark Yoga on Vimeo.

Sarah Hatcher Toe Roll Knees Variation from Meadowlark Yoga on Vimeo.

Learning the basics with correct form is essential for creating the foundation of your practice. Too much too soon or repeating postures with incorrect alignment can cause injury over time and set you back in your practice further down the line.

It can feel like a lot to think about when you’re supposed to be thinking about your breath, with your teacher listing:

‘Tuck your tail, rotate your arms, the majority of the weight in your hands should be in your finger tips, feel your air bubble, where’s your drishti?’.

Over time this checklist becomes shorter as muscle memory takes over and the flow becomes your meditation.

That being said, as we progress we all face little niggles in our practice. Even the most seasoned teacher has something they’re working on and this challenge is why yoga should be celebrated – there’s always something to build on throughout your yoga journey.

Re-visiting your foundational asanas can be a lovely way to reset your practice and breaking things down step by step can make the world of difference to your practice.

As usual, please don’t try this without notifying your yoga teacher of injury or pregnancy.

Whilst filming, we got to ask Sarah some questions…

Given you have such an advanced practice it’s hard to imagine there is anything left for you to be working on?

I’m always building on something, my teachers have given me four new postures to work on, so my practice is always developing.

It must be challenging not having a teacher in a more senior position than you in the Mysore room for adjustments etc?

I think with regards to an advanced practice, it’s important to work through your practice by yourself. Otherwise the pressure might be too much on a day to day basis. I can then go back to them with the progress I’ve made in due course for feedback etc. But for a beginner or those practicing/ studying the primary and intermediate series, it’s important to have your teacher see your development regularly.

I hear your husband practices yoga, Do you give him free tuition?

No, no, yoga is a big part of our lives, he has practiced for 12 years but it’s not something that meshes us together. Believe it or not, we rarely discuss it.

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