A Weekend with Internationally Celebrated Yogini, Kathryn Budig

A Weekend with Internationally Celebrated Yogini, Kathryn Budig

by Frankie Culpin & Nina Goldberger

Our resident Vinyasa yoga teacher Frankie and Assistant Manager-come-yoga teacher Nina, went down to London to spend the last May weekend with Kathryn Budig for a series of workshops that she was holding at Triyoga, Camden. She may be small in stature, but Kathryn has a huge personality, filling her classes with humour, original sequencing and an extensive knowledge of asana making for a very lively, yet moving experience which we wanted to share with you.

Kathryn is an internationally renowned Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher based in Charleston, USA. She has written 2 books and has recently started a podcast with her girlfriend, called Free Cookies. Her second book, Aim True, contains not only yoga sequences but recipes and general tools & tips for creating the life that you want to live. She encourages the reader to set intentions and goals for the life you really desire, no matter how lofty, and to work towards them while staying true to oneself.  This very book is on the reading list for Frankie & Jo’s upcoming Vinyasa Flow training course at Meadowlark Yoga, starting October.

Kathryn is all about empowerment and delivers this message by concentrating on ‘aiming true’. The inaugural intro, Unf*ckwithable, on Friday night, was sweaty, confidence building and emotional. Its emphasis was on strength, believing in yourself and not allowing the outside world to mess, or quite frankly, ‘f*ck’ with you, by finding the inner resilience to shake it off and to keep bouncing back.

Kathryn shared a wonderful description from the that describes the word: ‘To be the pinnacle of whatever you do. A person that is the ultimate person. They can’t be beat whatsoever.’

We were invited to write down what we felt was primarily standing in our way or somehow preventing us, from being happy. As each person read aloud of their ‘happiness blockade’, we became silently united as a group of vulnerable, loving and resilient human beings who have all shared an extent of hurt, confusion and grief in their lifetime and who are all trying their best.

There’s something very powerful about opening up and sharing without response, or judgement. It’s almost a healing in itself, by really facilitating an emotional release we don’t often have the space for.

There was, however, a big element of play throughout the weekend and the next morning started with ‘The Hero’s Journey’. We had a lot of fun with partner work, including some simple acroyoga (which Frankie is going to try to practice with Nina as much as possible between classes, as they’re great for getting the feel for inversions!) and backbending, where we adjusted, spotted and supported each other.

We really enjoyed Kathryn’s signature Aim True flow sequence. As warriors, we drew back our bows & reached for our arrows, taking aim whilst stretching & strengthening our arms.

It was an honour to be in the room with so many beautiful souls over the weekend. We learned a huge amount, not just about the practice and teachings of yoga, but about ourselves and each other. Whenever there’s something on, a community is created for that shared time and it can be lovely to experience yoga communities in different places.

If you’re ever in London, there’s lots of great stuff on at Triyoga Camden, so if you haven’t been, it’s well worth a visit not only for the yoga, but the cafe and gift shop too! (See pic of beautifully displayed crystals for sale).

We had a blast; we flowed, boxed, cried, ate great vegan food, soaked up lots of sunshine, drank green juice and walked around Camden Market.


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Love and light!

Frankie & Nina x

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