Introducing Ame Wren

Introducing Ame Wren

We are delighted that Ame will be leading our 2018 200hr Teacher Training and we know that you will love the special teaching style of this wonderful Yogi.

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by Ame Wren

First let me say how excited I am to be joining the Meadowlark teacher training team! I have long adored Karen and we have so much in common in our teaching and overall ethos. Over my ten years of teaching I’ve found that leading teacher training is my favorite teaching environment, so I am wholly looking forward to doing a deep dive with the ML community. Here is a bit about me and my yoga story.

I started yoga as so many do, in my early university years. My first class ever was a Kundalini class, complete with fur rugs instead of mats and a teacher clad in all white. I remember feeling frustrated by my inability to do the movements and breathing and overwhelmed by the scene. I left thinking yoga was weird and not for me. The following year I moved to a new neighborhood that had a cute yoga studio in it. After walking by for a few months I talked myself into trying yoga again. This time I stumbled into an Iyengar class. The teacher’s name was Nadja and she embodied everything I lacked at that time— grace, precision, warmth and lightness.  The Iyengar method spoke to my pragmatic brain and I was instantly hooked. For the next year I took her class religiously and so began my relationship with yoga.

For the next few years I experimented with different styles. I adored Iyengar but also craved something more athletic, so I began practicing Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Anusara. I learned a lot in those years about the breadth of interpretation in the yoga world and the importance of finding good teachers. In 2007 I completed my first of many teacher trainings and began teaching while completing graduate school. My schedule rapidly built to 20+ classes a week and before I knew it I had finished my degree and become a full-time yoga teacher. The following few years I taught as much as I could all over Boston. I started leading retreats and doing more in-depth anatomy and philosophy study. A few years after that I began leading teacher trainings.

Throughout this time I continued to study Iyengar yoga in Boston with Patricia Walden and deepened my relationship to Ashtanga when I met my main teacher, Richard Freeman, in 2012. Since 2012 I’ve traveled biannually to study with Richard and his wife Mary. Their approach to yoga has been the one that feels the most at home to me. While privileging structural alignment and anatomical positioning, they also stay true to the postures and sequencing of the primary & secondary series of Ashtanga. Richard is also a scholar of Sanskrit, all the major texts of yoga and Buddhism and an expert on the subtle body. Studying with them for the past five years has led to my own teaching becoming more refined, specific and sourced.

In 2013, after being the teacher training director of a major studio in Boston for 4 years, I left and created Boston Yoga School with the hopes of elevating the offerings in the city. BYS has been my main project ever since. We are a collaborative effort that has a diverse faculty of experts from different fields and we work out of Boston and a few satellite locations. Since 2013 I have spent most weekends traveling to teach trainings around the Northeastern part of the USA. Boston Yoga School is continuing to expand next year and my collaboration with Meadowlark is one of the most exciting developments.

Personally, I continue to practice Mysore and attend Iyengar classes. I love the combination of form and flow and my classes reflect that affection. This year is my 10th teaching yoga and though it’s certainly not what I anticipated I would be doing at this point in my life, I do know now that it is my dharma. I see myself as a conduit for the teachings and maintain a deep commitment to my own studentship. I consider the job of teacher training director to be one of utmost responsibility and I feel quite fortunate to play that role again and again. I look forward to meeting the Meadowlark students and to beginning our satsang together.

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