World Environment Day 2017: Our efforts to make our yoga studio eco-friendly

World Environment Day 2017: Our efforts to make our yoga studio eco-friendly

Today is World Environment Day and now, more than ever, businesses have a responsibility to be conscious of their environmental footprint.

One of the ethics in the Yoga Sutras is ‘Ahimsa’, which means non-violence. This means non-violence towards yourself and others, but also towards your environment and the earth.

(Learn more about how to implement ‘Ahimsa’ into modern life right here).

To be environmentally friendly is to make small choices which can affect change and make a huge difference in the long-term.

Sometimes it feels like ‘the environment’ is just TOO big a problem for one person to take on.

As a yoga studio, we have made the following choices to be more environmentally conscious:

  • We recycle as much waste as we can
  • We requested and got bike racks installed right outside our studio to encourage cycling
  • We’re a cycle-friendly employer
  • We buy vegan, ethically sourced, sustainable soaps & shampoos from Living Naturally Soap Nuts, Faith in Nature & Suma.
  • We use infrared heaters for our hot yoga classes, which are more energy-efficient than traditional heaters
  • We put plants and greenery where we can in our studio to keep our connection to nature
  • We source as many of our supplies from local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We sell Manduka Yoga mats & props – a brand committed to leave the tiniest environmental footprint possible.

What do you do to keep your home or work more environmentally friendly?

Here are a few things you can try to reduce your environmental footprint:

  1. Use a water bottle and refill it instead of buying plastic water bottles.
  2. Always carry a reusable shopping bag, or a few old plastic bags, in your bag to have spare bags to hand.
  3. Pick up litter, or better yet, take part in local Beachwatch Beach Cleans.
  4. Choose less toxic, environmentally friendly toiletries and cleaning products (such as Method) in your house.
  5. Always turn off lights, heating and power supplies when not in use – you’ll save money too!

Like any form of social change, if the majority of people make small but significant changes, it will have a larger impact on the environment.

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