YAP & YAUSA: Staying Registered

YAP & YAUSA: Staying Registered

Yoga Alliance Professionals & Yoga Alliance USA

So you’ve completed your YTT, congratulations! And now, it’s off into the yoga teaching world… This can be daunting, but to be honest, why should it be? You’re doing what you love, sharing your passion with the people that want to learn from you.

We thought it would be helpful to put together a little reference sheet for YAP & YAUSA, if you’ve registered with either, or both, to see exactly what the deal is with staying registered; what must you do in order to maintain your registration or achieve another designation?


Firstly, have a look here at the YAUSA credentialling page. This is a very useful page that breaks down and explains the designations for teachers, such as RYT, E-RYT, RYS etc.

There’s a handy FAQ about what counts for contact/non-contact hours & who may offer these.

Below are some links to determine the education categories for training hours:

To take an example; if the teacher teaching, workshop or course is registered with the YA, that you too are also registered with, these contact hours will count towards you CPD points, regardless of what kind of course or workshop it is. But the lead teacher needs to hold a current YACEP or E-RYT membership.

Here’s a link to the public directory of teachers who can offer these CPD hours.

To submit your Continuing Education hours:

  1.      Go to
  2.      Log in to your account
  3.      Select My Dashboard in the top right corner
  4.      Select “My Teaching Hours” on the left side
  5.      Enter a date range and total number of teaching hours during that date range
  6.      Select “Save”
  7.      Select “My Training Hours” on the left side
  8.      Scroll down to select the type of course you completed
  9.      If you completed an in-person course with a YACEP & the YACEP has entered the course on the YACEP directory, select “In Person with a YACEP” Follow the prompts to submit your course dates, YACEP name, course name, and upload your course certificate. (You must have a certificate to submit a course from a YACEP. Please contact your YACEP provider to request the certificate, if you weren’t given one.)
  10.    If you completed a course in-person with a continuing education provider that is not a YACEP, select “In Person with Someone who is not a YACEP” Follow the prompts to submit your training without a certificate
  11.     If you completed an online course, select “Not in Person”
  12.    Scroll further down to review your training hours history, pie chart and videos about our educational categories

Our founder Karen Kirkness is a registered YACEP teacher and all of her workshops, Mysore Intensives & trainings count toward YAUSA CPD points.

YA Professionals:

Click here to see the options available for registration. The expectations & benefits for teachers, can be found here.

Much like YA USA, there are different membership levels, or designations, and work much like a career path. You’ll see the experience needed to achieve each level and how to maintain it.

YAP also offer tailored workshops for experienced teachers, with YAPTA, which is open to all and ideal if you’re looking to develop your teaching skills. Read their Ts & Cs here.

Here’s the directory for YAP registered yoga teachers, and who can offer what.

Our YAP registered senior teachers who can offer CPD hours are Sarah Hatcher, Joanne Ewen & Nadine Watton.

We hope this has been useful for you. If you have any questions about any aspect of this blog post, or would like to find out more from YAP or YAUSA, please contact them directly by clicking to send them an email.

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