The Habit of Retreating

The Habit of Retreating

Clare Fulton tells us why taking a Yoga retreat might be the best thing you ever do… Join Clare for her Autumn Yoga Retreat for Women – 6-8 October 2017 at the beautiful Cambo Estate.

If you’re like me, you’ve been more than a little surprised to see the calendar ticking over to another month. Are you also wondering where the summer went? This got me thinking about my habits and my go-tos when life gets a little rushed. At times like these, I now turn for help to my yoga practice to get me grounded and centred and slow down the pace of my mind.

I wasn’t always a yogi, in fact, it took me a while to find this path. I was nearing my 40s when I took my first class but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was the change I needed and it helped me turn my life around from stress and overwhelm.

One of the wonderful things I discovered during this time was going on retreat. My first was in 2008 and I loved it so much, I’ve made it a habit. I make it my business to go at least once a year. The thing about yoga retreats is that you always feel BETTER when you leave! Before that first retreat, I had no idea how utterly exhausted I was but leaving with the feeling of being deeply rested and raring to go again was unexpected and more than welcome.

Since then I have run and taken part in many retreats in locations in Scotland and around the world. A yoga retreat is the best way I know to find time for yourself to enjoy some yoga and have some space to think, plan and daydream. I always find new ways of taking care of myself a little better.

In recent years, I’ve been leading retreats and seen from the other side, the amazing transformation from exhaustion to rested, from overwhelm to calm, from jaded to inspired. And all this after only a few hours, with the help of tranquil surroundings, healthy nutritious food, energising and relaxing yoga classes, a massage, an early night or two in a comfortable bed, a long uninterrupted soak in a fragrant salt bath. The recipe is not complicated but it is a powerful combination that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, energised and inspired to continue practicing yoga in the future.

I hope you’ll consider joining my team and I for our upcoming Autumn Yoga Retreat for Women at on 6-8th October 2017. For more information contact

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