Our Dear Teacher Sarah Hatcher Departs

Our Dear Teacher Sarah Hatcher Departs

Written by Emma Isokivi and team

Ive danced around writing this blog, because something about putting it down on paper means its really real, but here goes

My teacher, our teacher, our dear Sarah Durney Hatcher, Director of our Mysore programs, is leaving Meadowlark Yoga.  Many of our community know this news already, the dates, the hows and the whys, but here is a little more information, a whole lot of love and celebration of why she is so special to so many of us. 

Her last day teaching in the Mysore room is Friday the 15th of November with a primary series workshop the 16/17th of Nov (book here).

Sarah has been a beacon of light, friend and teacher for so many of us these last years, and involved with Meadowlark Yoga since 2012.  She has kept so many of us inspired, focused and excited about developing our yoga practice- both on and off the mat, through her vast depth of asana knowledge, pranayama and bhakti filled chanting. 

Ive know Sarah since her first days at Bristo Yoga in the summer of 2012, when she came to teach for one month after practicing in Europe with Dena Kingsberg.  At the time, I was a very new assistant in the Mysore room and honestly I was totally terrified of her. She was (still is for sure) full of passion and energy about sharing the method of the Ashtanga vinyasa system that she asks her assistants to uphold the same integrity as much as possible- hence the fear!  

For any of your know her, this is the focused integrity in all that she does and, from what I know, has done all through her life from skiing, climbing, hot-shot firefighting and the past 20 years both her own yoga practice and teaching.  

With her highly crafted adjustments, and intelligent sharing of knowledge, she has supported so many of us to now have long standing, developed practices with tools to be able to take into our lives for many years to come.   What a bigger gift is there to leave your students with the confidence and enthusiasm to keep diving deep themselves? 

I still remember the day clearly, back in the late summer of 2012, when we had an assistant meeting at 5am in the morning, Sarah sat down and said something straight away along the lines of Ive fallen in love with Tim, going to move my life here, marry him, have his babies and be the Mysore teacher.  This news was a thunderbolt of pure joy and excitement for Sarah and our community and ever since then we have been so blessed to have her in our lives. 

So rather than us saying goodbye to her- lets celebrate, raise a metaphorical glass to all she has done for so many of us!

Let me also share all of next year’s opportunities to study with her in the not so distant future:


We are having a big celebration on Saturday the 23rd of November 3-5pm at Beetroot Sauvage. Contact Emma ( for anymore details. All welcome.  

MAY 2020: 

David Garrigues: Sarah will be assisting and hosting her teacher David on the 7-10th May 2020 for Meadowlark Yoga. (

JULY 2020: 

Saturday 25th July full day workshop + 4 days of morning mysore with Meadowlark Yoga. (Details coming soon!)


EcoYoga: 30th July- 4th August for an incredible all inclusive retreat on the west coast of Scotland. Booking details here (


Salento yoga retreat- more details and dates coming soon- keep an eye on Sarahjis website (

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