Introducing our Mysore Team

Introducing our Mysore Team

Written by Emma, Senior Mysore teacher at our shala Meadowlark.

Our Mysore program is evolving and changing this winter and I wanted to write this post to share and clearly explain whats going on so our community and students know what to expect. 

Firstly, I want to acknowledge our students. Our sweet, deeply dedicated and courageous yogis who have grown our program way beyond our wildest expectations. You are one of main reasons why our program now runs 40+ hours per week at Meadowlark Yoga.

On November 15th our dear teacher Sarah Hatcher steps down from directorship and her regular teaching hours in the Mysore room at Meadowlark.  This shift is the reason for the change in our teams teaching schedules.  Sarah will be returning to Meadowlark to teach regularly- more on that soon! 

Why do we write “Mysore Team” on our schedule?


Because as much as we are individual teachers we wouldnt be here without each other- we are a team through and through.

We all committed to practice deeply, and youll see us practicing in each others Mysore time slots all the time. 

We communicate regularly about the program/students and developments.

We work hard together to make our program as rich as possible.

And because of that work- there is consistency across the quality of our teaching and adjustments no matter what time you attend. 

Our assistants are a big part of our team also, and although not named often, here they are (in no particular order):

Clare Fulton, 

Sarah Urquhart Taylor, 

Jenn Usher, 

Devon Taylor,

Vanessa Rigby 

Joanne Ewen being a regular cover teacher for our team. 

And our management behind the scenes – Elise Kaye Hill and Karen Kirkness are crucial to the smooth running, joy bringing of all that happens at Meadowlarks Mysore program.

Going forward generally you will see:

Emma Isokivi: early morning Mysore room

Amy Hughes: the late morning Mysore room

Kirsten Waugh: the evening Mysore room

Chanting, Philosophy and Conference

We will continue to maintain and develop our Friday morning 9.15am chanting sessions, where all are welcome. 3/4 times per year we will also hold Sunday conferences- filled with Bhakti, chanting, discussion and a chance to be together as a community. 

Introducing Amy and Kirsten

Amy Hughes is an exceptional teacher who shares this practice of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga with such enthusiasm and depth.  

Her teaching draws on her 20+ years of personal study, digging deeply on her mat everyday as she learns the end of 4th series of the practice under our teacher Sarah Hatcher.  For the past 2+ years I’ve had the pleasure of practicing beside her with much admiration; or with her as a student- where she has helped me immensely with my own practice.  

Initially an Anusara Yoga teacher- she then became a long term student of John Scott- who she still assists regularly. This eventually led her to join our team at Meadowlark Yoga via EcoYoga and Sarah Hatcher. 

Go practice with Amy because she will help you evolve a whole practice picture with such skill and joy whether you are a beginner or long term practitioner. 

Kirsten Waugh is a dedicated long term student of both Sarah and I.  She has steadily assisted for nearly 5 years in the Mysore room.  Her commitment to her own practice and our community is unprecedented and we are so excited to be offering her own opportunity to run her own Mysore room after all these years. 

When I first met Kirsten, she was practicing in the evening Mysore program, while she was making a big transition in her life of full time work to becoming a yoga teacher. 

Now, a well established teacher in Edinburgh, she has lots of experience working with both beginners and more experienced students.  She dives deeply, well into the third series of the Ashtanga vinyasa practice with such grace and you’ll see her practice with myself and Amy most mornings. She also has completed several intensive periods of study with senior teachers abroad- Lino Miele and David Garrigues. 

Go practice with Kirsten, for her intelligently crafted adjustments, infectious giggle and openess to all levels. 

How to manage change

As our teacher Sarah Hatcher said earlier this year “Change is uncomfortable and often breaks our pattern of consistance and ritual. However, I urge you to continue to practice with great enthusiasm in the time slot that has been working for you – regardless of the change of teachers.”

We are looking forward to seeing you on the mat! 

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