Did Christmas weigh you down?

Did Christmas weigh you down?

How did Christmas go for you? Was it a period of feasting on sugar and alcohol and a famine in routine and yoga?

It used to be my pattern to overindulge over the festive period and then spend lots of energy in January and February trying to get healthy again. I had really no clue how to efficiently shed the excesses and so the early part of the year was usually a bit miserable.

In recent years, I have found better ways to live healthier most of the time. Steady health, instead of splurging and then scrambling to right the wrongs of yesterday. My Christmases now are a little more indulgent than my every day – after all, it’s celebration time! – but they aren’t so far away from my norm, and I find it really easy and fast to get back to my routine.

I know mine isn’t everyone’s experience, so I’ve created a handy ebook on weight loss the yoga and Ayurveda way. No calorie counting. No ‘devil’ foods. Just practical help on letting go of some of the excess.

I hope that this will help make the beginning of 2020 light and joyful for you. Feel free to share with your family and friends.

Lots of love

Clare x

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