Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style

Ashtanga Yoga is a systematic transformation of the self

When we finally get beyond the impressive physical benefits of yoga, that’s where the real power of this practice really starts. Strength and flexibility are just the tip of the iceberg.

This self-practice method originates from Mysore, India; hence the name “Mysore style”

Learn a system of Yoga for a lifetime of progressive practice

Cleanse your system from the inside out through the internal heat-building action of vinyasa

Develop a relationship with our teachers who will guide your journey one asana at a time

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Paramparā: Lineage

Our Mysore style yoga practice community is linked with a worldwide network of practitioners dedicated to the yoga tradition disseminated through T. Krishnamacharya.

Our teachers have studied deeply with some of the most experienced yoga masters in the world. Together, we keep our teachings grounded between tradition and innovation. We are established firmly in personal practice and believe in the thoughtful, compassionate treatment of our students as individuals within a method that works in a collective format: the Mysore room.

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We are first and foremost grateful to our teachers for their incredible generosity and dedication to the transmission of this practice.


Our practice room Director is Sarah Hatcher; a dedicated student of Yoga with over 15 years experience working with senior teachers certified in the lineage of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.


Emma Isokivi is a dedicated Mysore practitioner of many years. She teaches the mid-morning Mysore timeslot, as well as an assortment of led Ashtanga classes.


Amy Hughes is a long-time student of John Scott and has been studying yoga intensively for nearly two decades. Amy is known for her encouraging yet challenging instruction in Ashtanga and related styles of yoga. She leads our Eveing Mysore programme, is co-director of the Avid Yogi Training Pathway at Meadowlark Yoga, and leads workshops and group classes regularly.

Together with Meadowlark & program founder Karen Kirkness, these teachers and their Mysore assistants keep the Meadowlark Mysore room in touch with the evolving practice of Ashtanga Yoga every day.

The Practice

Sunday – Thursday: self-led practice between 05:30 - 11:30

Experienced teachers guide each student individually with hands-on instruction

Friday is for Led Primary Series classes: everyone starts in unison and practices synchronously at the teacher’s pace.

Saturdays are always a day off, so no practice.

No practice on the New and Full Moon – these are called “Moon Days”

Start off with the Surya Namaskaras and your teacher will add postures to your practice on an individual basis according to each practitioner’s needs, factoring in all circumstances

Minimum commitment: 3 days per week

EVERYONE is welcome! You don’t have to be young, fit, or flexible… just willing to learn.

Begin Mysore Style Practice

House Rules

Please do not bring water into the practice room

Observe quietude in the room; this is in service of promoting concentration for yourself and your fellow practitioners

Please follow the teacher’s instructions and be respectful of the program & Ashtanga system

You may be asked to change your place in the room, this is to maximise our intimate space and fit everyone in comfortably

Please do not ask for poses; you will be advanced at a pace the teacher deems suitable, given your individual circumstances

Please, please be showered and fresh each time you come for practice

Please no drop-ins without prior arrangement (email or call 0131 228 7581)

We welcome visitors to Edinburgh who already have an established practice, please register your booking before attending.

Please enquire if you have an early morning start time request. This time is currently fully subscribed and not advertised; however we can normally make it work if necessary

Visiting Edinburgh?

Breath, Bandha, Drishti

Your teachers will introduce you to the principles of Ashtanga asana practice and guide your study of the Yoga Sutras.

Look for Sarah’s led chanting sessions on Fridays 9.15 – 9.50am (£5 for non-Mysore pass holders, open to all).

Everyone is welcome. Talk to the Front of House team at reception about starting Mysore style yoga any time.