Avid Yogi Training Pathway

200, 300 & 500 Hours of immersive study and practice


Advanced 300 & 500 Hour Avid Yogi Immersion 

2019 will be our first year offering the 300Hour Training at Meadowlark Yoga. In this extended Training, we are collaborating to bring you the next level of study, diving deeply into:

  • Asana & the art of vinyasa sequencing
  • Advanced use of props (including chair yoga)
  • Philosophy
  • Sutra & mantra
  • Anatomy of the subtle body
  • Ayurvedic anatomy
  • Contemporary biomechanics
  • Speciality yoga modules for Pregnancy & Recovery
  • Innovative teaching techniques for current & prospective yoga teachers

Lead Trainer & studio founder, Karen Kirkness and senior teachers Nadine Watton and Amy Hughes team teach these Trainings.

This unique in-depth training will be taught over a 9-day 100Hour Intensive, followed by 3 long weekends in early 2020 (Jan/Mar/May), concluding in the summer of 2020 with the second 9-day 100Hour Intensive to bring this unparalleled 300Hour Advanced Yoga Training to a close with a qualification recognised by the Yoga Alliance (USA).

Previous Avid Yogi graduates can enrol onto the 300Hour Advanced course and bring their existing 200Hour qualification up to a 500Hour certificate.

200Hour & 300Hour Immersion & Weekends YT 2019-2020 Dates:

*Please note: there in only ONE space remaining on the 200Hrs training this summer.

  • 100Hour Intensive 2019 Pt. 1 (9 days): Sat 22nd – Sun 30th June 2019
  • 3 x long weekends 2020:
  • January : Thurs 9th – Sun 12th Jan
  • March: Thurs 19th – Sun 22nd Mar
  • May: Thurs 14th – Sun 17th May
  • 100Hour Intensive 2020 Pt.2 (9 days): Sat 20th – Sun 28th June 2020 (for 300Hour pathway only)
The 300 Hour Curriculum

Higher-level exploration of asana

Lead small and large group learning sessions

Anatomy of the Subtle Body, Ayurvedic Anatomy, Biotensegrity

Chanting, Sanskrit & Bhakti

Giving and receiving adjustments

Contemporary yoga philosophy & current discourse

Refine cueing instruction

Building a career in yoga

Who can apply?

Anyone with a minimum of two years practical experience of yoga can apply for our 300Hour Training.

If you already have a 200Hour qualification from Avid Yogi, talk to us about your goals for achieving a 300 or 500Hour Certificate. Summer Intensoives are available as 100Hour modules, bridging the gap between our 200 and 300Hour Certificates.

Our exclusive 500Hour Certificate combines teaching and practice on the 200Hour and 300Hour courses and is available only by application with two references (one personal, one professional). Please email:

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Keen to enrol for 500Hours?
The 300 Hour Certificate in a nutshell:

Develop community over a 12-month period

Progress in personal asana practice to the next level

Practice adjustments at the 300-hour level

Learn more about the subtle body in practice and philosophy

This 300Hr YT Certificate is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA

Investment for this Training Certificate: £3500

Avid Yogi Training Pathway to 500 Hours

The 200Hour Yoga Training Certificate 

Immerse yourself in the study of yoga. This 200Hour course gives you the opportunity to deepen your practice and allows you to begin sharing your passion. The course is unique in Scotland, combining the 50+ years experience of the contributing YT faculty. Our teaching faculty are professional & accomplished yoga teachers, with world-class expertise in a healthy range of specialities within this field; such as asana, anatomy, chanting, philosophy, restorative and community building.

The Avid Yogi approach is energetic, yet relaxed and inclusive. Trainees can expect to prioritise their personal practice under the guidance of our teachers. Day by day, trainees will gain confidence within the group by practising their growing knowledge of basic class instruction. Very early in the training, all members of the group will get their feet wet in the fundamentals of leading a group through basic yoga practice and from there transformation happens on an individual basis.

Start your journey at Meadowlark Yoga with a foundational 200Hour Yoga Training, and gradually work your way up to a 500Hour Certificate.

Based on the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya, the Avid Yogi approach to YT embraces Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga and the asana disciplines that have emerged since the start of the 20th century. With a survey of classical texts such as The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita, the Avid Yogi Training Course is a fundamental training for anyone interested in taking their practice to the next level of study.

Whether you aspire to become a yoga teacher or not, this course will broaden lifelong horizons.


200 Hours: A Foundational Training in Yoga

In-depth, detailed asana study


Chanting, Sanskrit & Bhakti

Detailed anatomy instruction

Classical & contemporary yoga philosophy & texts

Led asana cueing instruction

The business of yoga/freelancing

Progress to 300 + 500 Hours

This Training is a journey that starts in the first 200 hours but lasts a lifetime. The Avid Yogi Training Pathway is a journey that continues to support your continued development as a practitioner. Establish your roots in yoga with the basic 200Hour qualification and make contact with others who are as passionate about yoga as you are.

Keep scrolling to find out more about the Avid Yogi Training Path. Any of our previously qualified, Avid Yogi 200Hour graduatess can upgrade to 300 and 500Hour certificates through our offering of immersion and long weekend courses. The course capacity at Meadowlark is limited to 18 Trainees in order to provide the highest standard of instruction.

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Training Investment

100Hour Training Module investment: £1,250

200Hour Yoga Training Course investment: £2,500

300Hour Advanced Yoga Training Course investment: £3,500

500Hour Advanced Yoga Training Course investment: £4,500

The classic 200Hour Yoga Training Weekends Certificate at Meadowlark Yoga – Running Annually

The 2019 200Hour Yoga Training Immersion – Weekends Course is now fully booked. Please email to discuss going on the waitlist.

Join us for the 200Hour Yoga Training Immersion – Weekends 2020

The 2020 Immersion YT at Meadowlark will see the continuation of our foundational training course, taking the form of 3 core Meadowlark Yoga teachers collaborating to bring you an outstanding 200Hour qualification.

Lead trainer Nadine Watton, Meadowlark’s founder Karen Kirkness and senior teacher Amy Hughes will combine their 50+ years of experience practising & teaching, to teach this Yoga Training Immersion Course in the New Year, which will be taught over 5 long weekends.

  • Module 1: Wed 19th – Sun 23rd February 2020
  • Module 2: Sat 14th – Tue 17th March 2020
  • Module 3: Thu 23rd – Sun 26th April 2020
  • Module 4: Thu 7th – Sun 10th May 2020
  • Module 5: Sat 6th – Wed 10th June 2020
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The 200 Hour Weekend YT in a nutshell:

Experience steady progress & development in asana during the course & beyond

Establish daily, lasting practice to last a lifetime

Be a part of a strong community of trainees throughout this training

Immerse yourself into the yogi lifestyle & find joy in learning

This 200Hr YT Certificate is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Alliance Professionals

Investment for this Training Certificate: £2500

200Hr YT Immersion (2019-2020)

*Please note: these 200/300hrs trainings strting this summer, are all now fully booked. Get in touch about being added to the standby list, or please see our next upcoming 200Hr course here.*

Join founder Karen Kirkness and senior teacher Amy Hughes for this Yoga Training Immersion (100Hrs Intensive; 9 days over summer 2019 & 3 x weekends in 2020).

  • 2019 100 Hour Summer Intensive: Sat 22nd – Sun 30th June
  • 2020 3 x long weekends (100Hour): 
    • January: Thurs 9th – Sun 12th
    • March: Thurs 19th – Sun 22nd
    • May: Thurs 14th – Sun 17th
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The school created a really supportive environment and a variety of teaching methods were used, which kept it diverse and interesting using lots of practical work. For example, paint to study anatomy which was enjoyable, helpful group work and the chance to practice adjustments and assist and observe teaching. There was also the opportunity to practice teaching and gain feedback which I found invaluable.*

Frankie ``Frankly Wellbeing`` Culpin

‘Great teaching. In-depth anatomy focus. Great preparation for the world of yoga teaching. Thank you!’


Completing this Intensive Yoga Training course has not only improved my practice, but it’s also changed my life for the better. It’s an excellent course. Everyone should do it! My practice has changed completely since I started the course. I am stronger & more focused and I just want to keep learning! The curriculum is thorough and clear and the teachers are knowledgeable and inspiring. I loved every minute of it. I got so much more than I ever expected!*


Web Developer, Link

‘Course was brilliant – I learnt so much. Karen was a great teacher’*


Product Manager

‘We were very lucky to be in the company of several senior teachers who all brought something different with their teaching; everything from teaching beginners, adjustments, self practice, anatomy and much more! Demanding and insightful.’

Trainee feedback

Please contact our Trainings & CPD co-ordinator with any trainings related queries: