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2022 Moon days for our Mysore program

In our traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore program here at Meadowlark we observe the “moon days”.  This means on the full and new moons we invite our community to take rest from our more regular practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. 

There are a variety of reasons for observing the rest days, and for many who practice daily (6 days per week) the extra rest and observation of fluctuations in one’s energy over periods of time is welcomed. 

During these days we invite our community to focus on other areas of practice, including and not limited to prāṇāyāma, meditation, chanting, gentler āsana practice like yin yoga which we offer.  It also invites you to observe the attachment you may have to your ‘normal’ practice.


After advice from Hamish Hendry of Ashtanga Yoga London (who follows the Panchang Hindu Calendar for their Moon day scheduling) and carefully observing our sunrise times here in Edinburgh, Scotland we have chosen to closely follow their scheduling for the year of 2022 (and beyond) as seen below. 


To replace the normal morning Mysore schedule on these dates, a 07:45 AM online yin class will be offered. Our Evening Mysore program will not observe the moon day schedules due to being a 3 day week program and therefore we invite you to be observant of your energy around these days/ times. 




Sunday 02nd ● new moon
Monday 17th ○ full moon


Tuesday 01st ● new moon
Wednesday 16th ○ full moon


Wednesday 02nd ● new moon
Friday 18th ○ full moon


Friday 01st ● new moon
Saturday 16th ○ full moon
Saturday 30th ● new moon


Monday 16th ○ full moon
Monday 30th ● new moon


Tuesday 14th ○ full moon
Wednesday 29th ● new moon


Wednesday 13th ○ full moon
Thursday 28th ● new moon


Friday 12th ○ full moon
Saturday 27th ● new moon


Saturday 10th ○ full moon
Sunday 25th ● new moon


Sunday 09th ○ full moon
Tuesday 25th ● new moon


Tuesday 08th ○ full moon
Wednesday 23rd ● new moon


Thursday 08th ○ full moon
Friday 23rd ● new moon


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