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A letter of news from our dear teacher Amy Hughes. 

ashtanga mysore teacher Feb 20, 2021

Dear Friends in Yoga,

I know the cold months of the winter lockdown have presented each of us various challenges. I do hope that as the spring bulbs shoot up, the days lengthen and the Covid numbers come down there is a sense of spring positivity breaking or at least on the horizon. 

During the hibernation period my partner Tom and I decided to move to Cornwall where my family is at the end of March. Lockdown has been a time of reflection and reassessment for all of us. For me, like many of you, my family are incredibly important. So with my parents getting older I have been feeling a deep desire to be just around the corner to spend time in a bubble with them. From Edinburgh I could fly to India faster than I could drive to Cornwall and I have found the distance a real struggle during lockdown.

My community at Meadowlark means the world to me and because of our virtual yoga shala, I will not be leaving you really. Here are the details of my continued offerings and commitments with Meadowlark:

  • MYSORE: I will remain a teacher in the online Mysore room six days a week
    • When the programme moves back in house I will continue to teach some of the online only Mysore components which is a vision we have been working on as a team for the past year now, as so many of our practitioners are joining us from out of town. 
  • VINYASA:  I will continue to offer my Friday 5pm and Sunday 6.15pm Vinyasa classes through the Meadowlark’s Livestream 
  • ALSO: Online 1:1s, workshops and training
    • Coming up! Free Reading Group: a place for discussion of contemporary themes in yoga with Amy on the 22nd February. Details HERE

I hope that I, like many of you who Zoom in from out of town, can use this online space to stay connected. You can think of me as a wee satellite part of the Meadowlark team in Cornwall. If you want to contact me directly now or in future my email is [email protected]

With love,



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