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Acceptance and adaptation

covid-19 Jul 30, 2020

Backstory: we eagerly anticipated opening along with all the pubs and nonessential shops, and then we watched indoor gyms in England open as of last week. While they were outlined as part of phase three of the Scottish Government’s route map, Nicola Sturgeon omitted gyms from her first announcement of the changes. Today we heard her remarks about the 14th of September being a target for our sector to aim toward for reopening. 

So where do we stand now?

Of course, we share the frustration rife in the indoor movement community, and we'll have to sit with that discomfort for some time now. None of us has the luxury of residing in disappointment, however, as we all need to take stock and move forward given the hand we've been dealt. First, we had to scrap the 4-week blocks. These were intended to bridge the gap from early phase 3 into phase 4, but as Scot Gov kept us out of early phase 3 altogether, it is time for us all to catch up.

What are we catching up on, exactly?

Other sectors of the economy are gearing up again with their respective social distancing measures, and we too are ready to get caught up with what is likely to be the long term normal. The bottom line is that if we are to make it as a team, we need to find consistency and momentum. Yes, we also need our drop-in clients returning on the same price points we had pre-COVID and yes, eventually we’ll need social distancing to ease so our capacity can increase again in line with our safety protocol.

Even more urgently important for our survival is that we all find a manageable rhythm that could potentially work for the long term. And it isn’t just our core admin team and teachers that need consistency, it is everyone in our community. In the face of uncertainty and constant change, and all the anxiety we feel individually and collectively, we feel it is our responsibility to strategise for consistency where possible for all concerned taking into consideration what winter may yet bring.

That said, here’s the deal:

From whenever we are allowed to reopen, our Drop-in Timetable will commence for in-studio classes. What were 4-week blocks with 5-max capacity will now be drop-in classes with a capacity of 7, and that will likely change in line with the shifting government guidance. If you had a drop-in block from pre-COVID, you may now unfreeze and use it!

The class pricing structure for the Drop-in Timetable will be the same as pre-COVID. It is our intention to keep our class pricing the same regardless of any changes ahead. In-studio classes will initially be capped at 7, as mentioned, and it is likely these in-studio classes will be livestreamed so that our community can access studio classes from their homes in due course. Our current livestream timetable will continue evolving in its current format at the same price.

If you are a livestream practitioner and you’d like to attend in-studio classes occasionally, you’ll be able to book drop-ins and/or buy blocks of classes. We will shortly offer a link to a monthly unlimited that includes all in-studio and livestream classes. Our policy is to offer any changes to plans at the end of a subscription cycle, and we’ll happily get you onto the plan that suits your circumstances as we head into Autumn and beyond. Changes to passes can be made on the next billing cycle by emailing [email protected]

One thing is certain: our economic and personal wellness as a community depends on all of us accessing the shared experiences that keep us healthy and sane. It is our ongoing mission to share yoga in the safest and most accessible way possible. Our continuing heartfelt thanks go out to all your voices of support and positivity. All the constructive and honest feedback we receive guides every decision we make, and ultimately you help us create the space we all enjoy.

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