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An Update from Your Mysore Teacher, Emma Isokivi

Dear Mysore Practitioner, 
As a Mysore teaching team, we are committed to helping you sustain and grow your regular yoga practice.
During this rapidly changing time, we are planning to keep our Mysore doors and hours open for as long as reasonable and safe.  We will update you regularly if this needs to change. 
Maintaining your regular practice (whatever size/ shape/ or beyond asana that might be) is of the utmost importance in this challenging time.  It’s easy to push our wellbeing to the side during uncertain times, but this is the time to “double down” on your regular practices to be able to maintain steadiness and wellness for your body and mind.
We encourage you to:
- Practice at the same time as you normally do. (Tell family members/friends to give you space and support to do that if needed).  
- Move regularly. Physical activity plays an important role in your boosting your immune system and beyond.
- Join together in practice for a sense of community, commitment and focus (online details below!)
- Sleep well
- Eat wisely 
- Spend time in nature and with those you love
- Support yourself so you can support those around you. 
We understand that some of our practitioners are choosing to practice at home for various reasons.  We have been working hard behind the scenes at Meadowlark to put together a dedicated “Zoom Room” (online platform for community sharing) where we can share in practice and community together.  
Click the link: https://zoom.us/j/8024724773 (enter code 0460 if asked) and follow the online instructions. 
Zoom details:
- This is live streamed and not recorded. 
- This is only for your fellow dedicated regular Meadowlark Mysore practitioners. 
- If you are practicing in the shala and uncomfortable being in view of a shared platform, talk to your teacher and they will help you find a suitable space. 
- Please mute your side of the channel if you have noisy background. 
- We will be able to see you (if you choose to use video) and will offer some simple support where possible. 
- All the online hours match our regular Mysore hours.
- Opening invocations at 0800, 1000 and 1800 during Mysore hours. This is a nice juncture to come together as a community. 
- Friday led class at 0730/1000 and 1830 - you can listen and join in. 
- Friday chanting and Q&A at 0915.  More conferences and online community sweetness details coming soon. 
- Please sign into classes as normal on MBO with your passes/ drop-ins whether you are joining us in person or online.   If you need financial support during this time to be able practice in your community, email Emma ([email protected]). 
During this time of social isolation and vast change, community is key. Stay connected, we care about each and everyone of you, way beyond the asana. 

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