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Greg Nardi Ashtanga Immersion April 2023


Greg Nardi returns to Edinburgh to guest teach an Ashtanga Yoga Immersion on the 20-24th of April 2023

Greg's special approach to teaching both Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga, philosophy, non āsana elements is truly inclusive and accessible for all levels.  

His Mysore rooms are small- capped at 10 people, primed with an introduction about consent for feedback/support and hands on assists. His environment provides a collaborative nature where you will gain new insights about your practice. He invites you to attend with an established practice of any length or proficiency

Last year, Greg brought an in-detail conversation about post-lineage practice which was both engaging and relevant for the what we were working towards in our community. This year he will be offering a more historical engagement, as well as continuing conversations about lineage and tradition in a conference (q&a format) event on Sunday 24th April


Workshop timings and overview below (more detail and booking HERE)


Thursday - Sunday Morning Mysore

06:30 or 08:15 slots available Thursday, Friday, Sunday & Saturday later start times.


Friday PM Discussion - 17:30-19:30 (Hybrid & recorded)

A Practitioners Guide to the History of Yoga Philosophy


Saturday Workshop - 13:00-16:00 (Hybrid & recorded)

This afternoon session Greg will immerse us in practices beyond āsana exploring:

  • Breath
  • Chanting
  • Meditation
  • Gentle movement


Sunday Conference - 10:30-12:00 (Hybrid & recorded)

Community Conference

Conference style session provides a platform for a fully interactive community session, where Greg will help to continue the conversation on Practitioner Centred approaches to Ashtanga Yoga.

There will be a big pot of porridge and chai- expect a big social element for this event- all are welcome even if not attending other parts of Greg's immersion.




Greg Nardi, E-RYT 500, Yoga Unify QE-3 is the lead teacher of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide classes, workshops, and training. Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide comes from Greg’s 25+ years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching yoga. He took extended trips to Mysore, India between 1999-2016 to learn yoga with a focus in asana, yoga history and philosophy, pranayama, meditation, and chanting. Greg has also studied yoga therapy at Kripalu School of Integrated Yoga Therapy. His yoga teaching comes from a deep commitment to practice over a long period of time. Greg advocates adapting practices to meet individual practitioner needs.
Greg was formerly authorized level 2 with the KPJAYI in Mysore, India. Since resigning his authorization in 2018 Greg has joined the board of directors for Amāyu Yoga, a first of its kind organization dedicated to educating Ashtanga teachers around power dynamics and consent driven, student centred approaches to the teaching and practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Greg also sits on the Qualifications Council with Yoga Unify since 2020.


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