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ashtanga mysore yoga Sep 07, 2020

Since Sunday the 20th March we moved our whole Mysore program online, and as per updated advice from the Scottish Government we are now preparing for a Covid-safe re-entry into the studio.  This will commence on Sunday the 20th September 2020

During this transitional period, we are offering a hybrid of both in-studio and online classes on alternate days. For those who didn't read the previous post with Zoom codes and general online information, please do so HERE. There is an updated new ZOOM code as of Sunday 27th September detailed in the post also. 

We appreciate change and transitions have a variety of challenges to them, but know that we, as a teaching team, are committed to providing community, focus, enthusiasm and steadiness for your practice alongside keeping everyone as safe as possible.  Keep your practice consistent as we navigate this next part of our Covid journey is key and we look forward to seeing you all on the mat in 2D or 3D! 

Please read the timings below closely and booking is now live HERE

When you are booking, do note that the in-studio timings are very specific and these are not Mysore rolling time-slots as you have used previously, the online Mysore is still a rolling slot as before. 



0730-0915 & 0930-1115 IN-STUDIO Mysore

Beginners Drop In 10:00-11:00 IN-STUDIO (from October 2020)

0915-0930 there will be intensive ventilation/ cleaning. (Overflow to Moon studio for final relaxation if needed.)

Doors open at 0600 for unassisted self practice (please contact Emma first).

ONLINE Mysore 0730-1115. Invocation at 0730 & 0930. 

Mysore community conference will now happen monthly and be online & in-studio at 1130. 


0630-1030 ONLINE Mysore. Invocation at 0630 & 0840.

1730-1900 Half led primary + Prāṇāyāma. IN-STUDIO & ONLINE.


0630-0825 and 0840-1030. IN-STUDIO Mysore

0825-0840 intensive ventilation/ cleaning. (Overflow to Moon studio for final relaxation if needed).

Doors open at 0500 for unassisted self practice please contact Emma first.

ONLINE Mysore 0630-1030. Invocation at 0630 & 0840.


0630-1030 ONLINE Mysore. Invocation at 0630 & 0840.

1730-1915 Mysore IN-STUDIO & ONLINE 

Beginners Drop In 19:15-20:15 IN-STUDIO 


0630-0825 and 0840-1030. IN-STUDIO Mysore

0825-0840 intensive ventilation/ cleaning. (Overflow to Moon studio for final relaxation if needed).

Doors open at 0500 for unassisted self practice please contact Emma first.

ONLINE Mysore 0630-1030. Invocation at 0630 & 0840.


0730 Full led Primary series ONLINE

0910-0950 Prāṇāyāma & Chanting ONLINE 

1000-1130 Full led Primary series ONLINE 

1730-1915 Mysore IN-STUDIO & ONLINE

When booking in your class, please make sure you select the relevant IN-STUDIO or ONLINE option. 

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your booking ASAP as it might permit others to be able to join, we will be keeping a very close eye on the bookings and if you are regularly a “no-show” we will restrict how many (in-studio particularly) you can book. 

Please be mindful of the limited in-studio spaces and think about signing in for 1/2 slots per week in this first transitional period and join us online the other days. 

A Covid “walk through” entering and exiting and what to expect at your in-studio Mysore class: 

  • As per all the general advice NHS/ Scottish Government, please stay at home if you are unwell or presenting any Covid like symptoms. 
  • Please wear a face mask before entering the building and continue to wear it in the communal spaces, until you reach your mat. (More on this later).
  • The external door will be propped open.
  • There is a hand sanitising station before the internal glass door, please sanitise before using the keypad (code is as before/ knock on external windows so a team member can let you in if you can’t remember it). This keypad will be cleaned before, during and after each mysore session. 
  • Maintain 2m social distancing between each other in corridors.
  • There will be no sign in sheet, so you will only be gained entry if you have signed in online beforehand.  There is also no reception at the moment during Mysore hours so please direct account questions to 
  • Bring as little possessions as possible, and be ready to go in your practice clothes. There are individual storage "slots" in the hall before the stairs. 
  • The main toilet will be open, but the changing room and showers will be closed at this time. 
  • Please bring your own yoga mat and any props you need. There will be no mats/prop sharing nor mat storage at this time.
  • When you are ready to enter the Mysore room, please wait at the Sun/Moon studio door patiently and the teacher will come over and speak to you individually. 
  • During this “meeting” the teacher will:
    • Sign you in.
    • Take your temperature
    • Check in how you are doing, including whether you would like hands-on adjustments or not (more on this later!). 
    • Show you to your space. There are very specific places for your mat due to measured 2 metre spacing and a new orientation facing the windows.
  • The Mysore door will be open the whole time, and all exit/entrance fans on during your practice. Keep this in mind as you think about clothing for your practice. 
  • Enjoy your practice! If your practice extends beyond the allocated 1.45mins, please be ready to complete your practice downstairs in the Moon studio (only applies to AM Mysore)
  • Please keep your breath calm and steady, good practice for us all. This is from advice of senior doctors in our community in ways to prevent excessive expulsion of water droplets if breath is excessively strong (similar to sneezing/ coughing). Breathing through your nose also helps!
  • When your practice is finished please apply your mask, take all your belongings home with you and clean thoroughly.  There will be detox wipes for cleaning any wall areas/ around your mat also. 


We will be asking our students to wear these bare minimum around the communal areas in the studio. Please wear it until you reach your mat, and store it in a small bag. You are invited to continue to wear your mask during practice also if you would like. Anytime you have to step off your mat, please put your mask on. 

  • If you are unable to wear a mask for any reason, please contact Emma .
  • If you turn up without a mask, or mask that we don't feel is covering enough (buff/ scarf style) we will provide you from our limited disposable supply. 


  • If you want hands-on assists, please bring 2 of your own clean towels to practice and place beside your mat. (One for to use for your own use during practice, one for the teacher to use on you). 
The teaching team will be:
  • Wearing masks and glasses.
  • Hand sanitising between each assist. 
  • Avoiding stepping on your mat, so you may need to adjust your position.
  • Giving more verbal instructions than physical ones. 
  • Masks & Adjustments: for some, very specific adjustments like Supta Vajrāsana and Drop-backs we will ask you to also wear a mask as so “face to face” in proximity. 



During this first re-entry into the space, we will be parallel streaming online for days we are also in the studio. This is due to the restricted capacity of what is safe in the studio and means that everyone can still join together in practice whether at home or in person.  We have a great set up of projector, microphones and cameras that we have been working with the past months to make as successful as possible for everyone. 

If you are an out of town yogi, or choosing to stay fully online during this time, know that there are dedicated mornings, (Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday AM) where there will be only online teaching so you might find these days more preferable to join in.  We will be maintaining an online element to our program for a long time, so know that although these days may shift in the future that we are committed to both options. 


If you want to read more about our planning read our google docs: Mysore specific covid secure working document link here and Meadowlark's general Covid secure document here.


With gratitude to our medical Mysore yogis, Dr Rosie Barah (Covid ICU consultant), Dr Kahyee Hor, Dr Prasad Palani Velu (Covid/ Respiratory) and Nurse Laura Bonini for their advice on bring our program back into the studio safely.


And as always, please reach out to our team if you have any further questions.

With gratitude to you all,

Emma, Karen, Amy, Kirsten and our extended Mysore team.



If you want to start Mysore style Ashtanga practice or understand more about the different classes read this blog.


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