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Meadowlark Mysore Ashtanga Vinyasa Program

ashtanga mysore yoga Sep 07, 2020

Mysore updates: 30th April 2021

Due to Government Covid restrictions our all levels Ashtanga Mysore program operates online with our well established program that has been running via Zoom since March 20th 2020. 

We are planning to offering an in-studio Mysore option from Monday the 17th of May, 2021. Details will be posted here soon. 

Our ZOOM for all Mysore offerings ishttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/6447661797 Passcode: yama  


Mysore weekly Schedule: 


  • Monday- Thursday:
0630-1030 Mysore. Opening Ashtanga invocation at 0630 & 0840.  (You'll hear sutra and vedic chanting from the team 0830-0840 as the Mysore teachers changes over).
  • Friday: 

0700-0830 Led full Primary series  (monthly led intermediate)

0840-0920 Prāṇāyāma & Chanting (Free)

0930-1100 Led full Primary series 

  • Sunday:

0730-1030 Mysore.  Invocation at 0730 & 0900.

0915-1015 Mysore Beginners semi-private. (Different Zoom code- will be emailed). 

1045-1130 Mysore community conference (Monthly: 4th April next one) 


  • Monday
1730-1900 Led Half primary series with prāṇāyāma. 
  • Wednesday
1730-1900 Mysore 
1900-2000  Mysore Beginners semi-private. (Same Mysore zoom code).
  • Friday
1730-1900 Mysore 
Opening Ashtanga invocation at 1730


  • Please refer to Meadowlark's pricing page, (specifically at the Mysore section as the general Meadowlark and Mysore passes do not crossover.) 
  • We are aware that this is a financially tough time and many of our students are struggling.  We will happily honour discounts and work exchange for those in financial need. 

  • Alongside discounted places, we also have 2 scholarship places:

    • 1 for general financial support (this is now filled until end of July 2021) 
    • Our second scholarship reserved to provide spaces for marginalised communities. This could include (and not limited to) BAME and LGBTQ2SIA+. This scholarship mysore pass is available for someone who feels that they fit this criteria and are sincerely interested in a yogic path. (This is filled until end of September 2021).
    • We are committed to doing this work as we try to diminish the barriers to practice for all.  Please email Emma for more details if you would like to be added to waiting lists or support this work: [email protected] 


We appreciate change and transitions have a variety of challenges to them, but know that we, as a teaching team, are committed to providing community, focus, enthusiasm and steadiness for your practice alongside keeping everyone as safe as possible.  Keep your practice consistent as we navigate this next part of our Covid journey is key and we look forward to seeing you all on the mat in 2D or eventually 3D! 
In yoga and gratitude to you all,
Emma, Karen, Amy, Kirsten and the rest of our Mysore team x

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