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Starting Mysore style Ashtanga yoga in the Covid era

For many, being at home, and having access to a multitude of online yoga classes has opened up, and made starting yoga more accessible.  For some of us it might have left us a bit ??? about what style/ teacher/ format is right for you.


At Meadowlark Yoga, our Mysore program is a key element of what makes up our daily offering with 4 hours per morning, and evening options also.  What’s a Mysore style class? Read more HERE


When we work with beginners in our Mysore community, we like to work in small groups, so there is lots of personal attention, and care can be given individually.  This means that we can cater for lots of different levels, bodies and abilities.  There is no change for us working online, we keep our groups small, foster community and relationships with each other and are committed to help you grow a lifelong yoga practice. This is why we invite "videos ON" during Mysore classes!  Community and connection is king, regardless for being online or in-studio for us!


We ❤️️ new students!  So if you are brand new to yoga, just exploring or returning to practice again after a while know you that we have dedicated session for you to gain your confidence in over the coming months:

Ongoing every week:

  • Wednesday 1900-2000 Beginners Mysore
  • Sunday 0915-1015 Beginners Mysore

Taster or intensive workshop

  • 14th February: Sunday 10.15-11.15.  Mysore Taster, this is a totally beginners taster dip-your-toe-in session, to share the beginning details of a yoga practice.  It’s on the livestream schedule too if you have a livestream pass- bonus! BOOK HERE
  • 21st February: Sunday 11:00-13:30.  Mysore beginners intensive workshop. This session will allow you to dive into the complete practice picture, learning in detail about breath, postures and philosophy around Ashtanga Yoga and how to start a regular yoga practice. BOOK HERE

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