In-studio drop-in Timetable (mask and mat required for entry)

What is Fever Free Zone?


We are working with Dr. Paul Nelson, an epidemiologist by training (who also happens to also be a former yoga teacher at Meadowlark) to refine our COVID-protocol toward the absolute best standards possible. Paul is developing a symptoms-screening app that uses temperature as a gateway for access to high street experiences such as yoga, bicycle repair, shopping, eating, and more. This app is called Fever Free Zone. It gives hyperlocal economies such as the one on our street, Argyle Place, a chance for greater security in terms of health and economic activity.

How does it work?

Our studio gets a cheap and simple thermometer. You arrive for your class with the app pre-downloaded. Your teacher takes your temperature. If you're fever-free, your app goes green and you are welcomed into the studio for your class... and after class you can enjoy frictionless access to all the shops in our local area. If you present with an elevated temperature, the app goes red and you'll be invited to go home. The app will trigger a consent process where you will be asked if you are willing to have a COVID-19 test, which will be subsequently sent out to you and the process of track and trace will be initiated in due course. That's it!

Together with our owner, Karen, Paul hopes to make Meadowlark the launching pad for this grassroots effort to keep our community even safer while giving shopkeepers, studio owners, and purveyors of small spaces everywhere more agency in driving the economy during the long term battle against this virus.

We need to keep our spaces open if our economy is to survive, and yet we have a responsibility to do so as safely as possible. Fever Free Zone empowers us to identify symptoms that help our community to help itself in its efforts to stay healthy, engage with the economy, all while supporting the government's efforts to track and trace.

When is this happening?

Watch this space. The app will be available in early August, and we'll be training our team to use it and to help you get access as soon as possible. This app will help us help ourselves, and we look forward to working together in deploying it locally and beyond.



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