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Practicing in the Changing Seasons

Written by Emma Isokivi, our Mysore director, for ideas about how to have a successful practice in the colder months of home practice ahead. Geared towards an Ashtanga/ Mysore student but lots of take-away ideas for any yoga practitioner. 


There’s no denying that many of us are feeling the change in the season and temperature, especially for those who are jumping onto our mats in the early mornings.  As we continue to practice at home because of Covid regulations, it’s extra important that we find ways to navigate this season so that we don’t slowly creep into rigamortis over winter. 

Firstly, acknowledge that it can be harder. It’s darker, colder and many of us are practicing at home for the first time ever in our yogic lives. 

In Ayurveda we call this the “vata” season, drier, windy, rougher, colder in its Autumn nature. 

We are all in this together, and having a community to help support stoking your fire...

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Benefits of Cleansing

by Clare Fulton

Investing time and effort in Ayurvedic cleansing this Spring may seem like a drag. So why would you bother?

During winter, our bodies accumulate moist, heavy, sticky qualities (Ayurveda calls these gunas). These gunas are helpful in the winter to keep us warm, cosy and countering the harsh weather and dark days. However, as the spring flowers begin to show themselves (have you noticed them?) and the temperatures begin to rise, our bodies crave to let these attributes go. An Ayurvedic cleanse offers a gentle way to help shed the excess fat and mucus that has collected over the winter. Anything that is no longer needed, as we move towards the warmer weather of spring and summer is gently released. 

Doing this cleansing practice at the winter/spring juncture brings myriad benefits. I always feel light, bright and clear after doing a spring cleanse. I have more energy and I’m no longer bothered by seasonal allergies. Cleansing like this is a preventative...

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