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Introducing the Mysore teaching team

Our Mysore team at Meadowlark is made up of 5+ teachers and team and several assistants that support our gloriously big program that runs up to 5hrs a morning- 6 days a week, evening program and dedicated online community also. 

Despite Emma Isokivi being our Mysore director, the program is most definitely a collaborative effort, which brings the joyful bonus of bringing a bigger spectrum of diversity, knowledge and skills to the wider community. 

We wanted to share a little information about who all these lovely faces (and beyond) are in the photo above.

There is a historical lineage to many of our teachers here that you should know about, starting with the formidable Karen Kirkness- Meadowlark's founder who begun the Mysore program over 13 years ago.  All of our Mysore teachers are, first and foremost, students of at least 10+ years of daily practice and assistants all of at least 3+ years or more. To join our teaching team there is waiting list, with...

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