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New Year, New Focus

Dear Meadowlark Community,
This is not a year when we get everything we want, but when we are grateful for everything we have. I write this as the studio owner and founding teacher of Meadowlark. Our team thought we'd share our plans ahead of the festive period to give our community some time to reflect over the holidays.
The truth has a way of emerging and showing itself, and it is up to us to see it for what it is and make the most of the circumstances. With that in mind, this is the truth I've seen emerging over the last few months: we are unable to offer In-studio Drop-in classes in the new year. I know you all know the reasons for this, but for clarity, our administrative ninja, Elise, has put it quite succinctly:


  1. It is already unsustainable to run reduced number of classes at such a severe financial loss indefinitely.

  2. The in-studio timetable requires considerable front desk staff for safety/smooth running.

  3. Multiplied workloads with additional...

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