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Tentative Opening

Every walk of life is undergoing huge uncertainty in our collective response to releasing from the urgency of lockdown. At the moment, the urgency is abating, but we all have to recognise that the factor of potential lockdown will be with us for some time to come.

Here at Meadowlark, our now even smaller admin team is getting ready for the moment when in-person yoga can happen in person in our studio. We are deploying a moveable and scaleable opening plan, so that even as we share these plans with our community base please know that we are prepared to roll up the blanket and move the picnic as needed. 

Some of these sessions are already fully booked, but don't worry as we'll keep the livestream timetable rolling into the future. There are naturally a lot of different feelings around how local businesses should reopen. We are choosing to make our protocol public, so you can keep tabs with our approach as we'll keep updating our COVID-secure document here.

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