COVID-secure ⇔ open studio yoga from 27/07/2020

Class Pricing

Yoga Class Prices

Online Classes              

1 Drop in Class: £9

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5 Class Block: £40

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10 Class Block: £70

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1 Month Online Unlimited Pass                  

30 Day Unlimited Livestream - £50 

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Monthly Online Membership (3 month minimum)

30 Day Autorenew Unlimited Livestream - £40

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Mysore Programme Prices

Drop-In Classes               

1 Mysore Drop in Class: £15  

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5 Mysore Class Block: £65 

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1 Week Mysore Pass: £70

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10 Mysore Class Block: £120

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1 Month Pass                  

Mysore Daily Pass: £120

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Mysore 3 Days/Week: £85

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Membership (Purchase at Reception)

Mysore Daily Membership: £108

Mysore 3 Days/Week: £76.50

Pay It Forward:

Please get in touch if you need help paying for your yoga classes, or if you have interest in sponsoring someone else to do yoga:

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