Pregnancy Yoga Practice Videos

All proceeds of the antenatal videos will be donated to the Children's Society

Karen’s Antenatal video library

We often get questions about practising yoga during pregnancy. Between our fellow students, teachers, and administrative staff, we all have a story to tell about fertility, pregnancy, birthing, and beyond. Each one of us has our own personal take on what works for us during pregnancy, and we always advise our students to seek the advice of their healthcare provider with any concerns about safety.

Karen Kirkness, Meadowlark’s founding teacher, made this collection of pregnancy yoga videos at around 32 weeks pregnant. Some have voice-over instructions, and some of the videos offer only visual instruction. We make them available here in the spirit of sharing ideas and support for our growing pregnancy yoga community.

Some videos are hosted via the Vimeo On Demand platform. To find out more about Vimeo On Demand please read the FAQ below. All proceeds of the antenatal videos will be donated to The Children’s Society.

Vimeo On-Demand: FAQ

Rent, Buy, Subscribe

Once you’ve picked your Vimeo On Demand video, you can make three kinds of purchases:

Rent: When you rent a VOD, you will be able to stream all the videos attached or added to it anytime during the specified rental period, including bonus content. If you select the option “Rent All,” you get access to all of the current videos as well as any that are added to the Vimeo on Demand page during the specified rental period.

Buy: When you buy a VOD, you will be able to stream its videos for as long as they remain on Vimeo. If the seller allows, you will also be able to download the videos to your computer and devices, DRM-free. If you select the option “Buy All,” you get access to any videos added to the VOD page for as long as it remains online, including bonus features.

Subscribe: When you subscribe to a series, you have unlimited streaming access to all current videos on that series page, as well as any future videos that get added (including bonus content), as long as you maintain an active subscription for a recurring monthly fee.

Troubleshooting Purchases

If you aren’t able to access a title you bought, a few things may have happened with your purchase:

Did you choose to “Rent” the title? If so, please check the title’s rental period on its Vimeo On Demand page in case your rental period ended.

Is it possible that you purchased the film under a different Vimeo account? In order to access your purchase, you must be logged in to the same Vimeo account you used to purchase the title originally. If you think you need help accessing the account you used to make your purchase, let us know and we can help out.

The charge may be pending. If your billing statement doesn’t indicate that the charge went through successfully yet, it’s possible that the charge is still awaiting authorization. In this case, if the charge doesn’t go through successfully, it will eventually clear from your billing statement.

Your payment method may have failed. If we aren’t able to charge your payment method successfully, then your purchase won’t go through, and you’ll need to try making the purchase again.

Watching Your On Demand Videos

To view your Vimeo On Demand (VOD) purchases, log in to your Vimeo account and go to your Purchases (purchases also appear in your Watch Later queue). Clicking on a title in your purchases will take you to the VOD page, where you can stream the video(s). To switch into full-screen, click the icon in the lower-right corner of the player.

If your purchase has a download option, you can save the video file to your computer by clicking the Download button on the title’s page (just below the video player). You can also do this by going to your Purchases and clicking the green download icon that appears as you hover over the title’s poster image.


You can view Vimeo On Demand videos on your TV using any of the connected devices listed in this Help Center article.

For most connected TV devices, you’ll need to make sure you have the Vimeo app installed on your connected device. You can find helpful instructions in the TV Apps section of our FAQ.

Once you have access to Vimeo on your device, log in to your account, and navigate to your Watch Later queue — any Vimeo On Demand titles that you purchase or rent will appear here automatically.

The Vimeo iOS app also supports Chromecast and iOS AirPlay, so you can cast and AirPlay videos from your iOS devices right to your TV. You can find helpful instructions in our Chromecast and AirPlay FAQ articles.

Apple TV users can log into their Vimeo accounts and find their VOD rentals and purchases under the “My Videos” section.

Once you’ve logged in to your device and selected the title you want to watch, sit back and enjoy!

On Phone or Tablet

You have two options for viewing purchased videos on your mobile device:

Mobile app: Download the Vimeo mobile app to your phone or tablet. Within the app, log in to Vimeo, then navigate to your Watch Later queue, where you’ll find your purchased videos, ripe for the viewing.

Mobile site: On your phone or tablet, open a web browser and go to Log in to Vimeo, click the “v” icon (in the top-left corner of the page), and choose Purchases from the menu to see all of the titles you’ve bought.

While there’s no way to permanently download a video from Vimeo onto your phone, our mobile app does allow you to save videos for offline viewing.

All proceeds of the antenatal videos will be donated to The Children’s Society.

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