Visitors to our Mysore Programme

Please be advised there is no Receptionist on the desk during the early hours of practice, so we need you to make payment before you attend and bring your receipt (either phone or paper copy) to show the teacher so they know you’re registered.
For registration, please arrange payment in advance for your session:
  • phone us with card payment
  • bring cash ahead of time and register during normal business hours at least one day in advance, or
  • follow the links below to purchase however many Mysore drop-in passes you require.
Please respect our policy that we normally don’t take single drop-ins in our local community, but we do extend this warm welcome to practitioners who are visiting Edinburgh short-term and wish to practice with us.
Here are two links to purchase your pass online before you attend:
If you’re here for a week:
Here for a couple of days
Once you’re registered then we’ll send you the access code to unlock the door for entry. Please let us know if you have any questions.