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Advance your teaching and personal yoga practice with Meadowlark’s unparalleled CPD, Vocational and Yoga Training.



Meadowlark CPD workshops & trainings immerse students in intelligent, intensive study with other yogis who share the same passion & enthusiasm for yoga.

Whether you’re a serious student looking to deepen your practice or already a yoga teacher looking to advance your offering, Meadowlark has options for everyone.

From Anatomy Training & 200Hour Immersive Yoga Trainings, to Vinyasa Flow CPD and Yin & Restorative CPD Trainings, our offerings are in line with the teaching traditions of T. Krishnamacharya, to provide challenging & inspiring next-level instruction.

For more specific details about our trainings, see our listings below.

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200Hour Intensive Yoga Training Certificate

Learning to share your practice and love of yoga is a serious commitment and this journey with Avid Yogi is not your average yoga training course. Our high standards are based on decades of combined teaching experience, thus delivering unique trainings.

Designed for serious yoga practitioners who have a regular & committed practice; our 200Hour program consists of mentorship, in addition to in-depth study of sequencing, alignment, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, specialised yoga and the business side of yoga, all at our studio in the heart of Edinburgh.

This 200Hour qualification & certification is recognised & accredited by Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Alliance Professionals, recognised worldwide.

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The Meadowlark YTT course was one of the best 3 weeks of my life, the teachers are fantastic and overall sense of community and passion for yoga at the studio is just inspiring. I learned so much and so much about myself. I would recommend the course to anyone who loves yoga and just wants to build their own practice further!



The YTT offered at Meadowlark is a life enhancing experience. The teaching is both focused, and expansive. It attends to all areas of learning (asana, personal development, philosophy, teaching skills), and it does so with grace by connecting everything into a holistic whole, which brings colour to all the qualities of Yoga practice and teaching.


I loved my YTT at MLY. I made wonderful friends. Learned so much. I have a daily practice now and am very passionate about yoga.


Avid Yogi YTT was such a fantastic experience. Karen's passion for yoga makes for an authentic course allowing students to become fully immersed in the practice and study of yoga. A sound balance of theory and practice to become a teacher and for my own personal practice. I would definitely recommend YTT with Avid Yogi!


This course doesn't just give you the tools to become a yoga teacher, but helps you develop your own personal practice. Highly recommend to those that feel they are at a stage where they just want to learn more about yoga. You'll have great guidance, feel empowered by like-minded people and learn a great deal about yourself.


I had an incredibly positive experience during my teacher training at Meadowlark. Karen's knowledge of anatomy was an invaluable resource. I would recommend Meadowlark to anyone considering doing their YTT.



The school created a really supportive environment and a variety of teaching methods were used, which kept it diverse and interesting using lots of practical work. For example, paint to study anatomy which was enjoyable, helpful group work and the chance to practice adjustments and assist and observe teaching. There was also the opportunity to practice teaching and gain feedback which I found invaluable.


Course was brilliant - I learnt so much. Karen was a great teacher.


My practice has changed completely since I started the course: I am stronger and more focused and I just want to learn more! Doing this training course has not only improved my practice but it's also changed my life for the better.


The course description was very clear and accurate. I got what I expected and more.


The Avid Yogi Intensive Training Course is absolutely fantastic. In 3 weeks, you 100% immerse yourself into the world of yoga. Karen and her team are so supportive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in teaching yoga or just would like to deepen their own personal practice.



I really enjoyed the training, and got lots from it! Karen's teaching was consistently fantastic, always focused & with a wealth of knowledge to share. The level of repetition in the training was perfect; through this we got a solid foundation in the basics, surya namaskaras, chanting & yoga sutras in particular. We were getting teaching practice from the first few days which was of great benefit to us. The principals of non-judgement and compassion were always present; Karen met us all where we were along our journeys in yoga, and that was most important to me.



Amazing experience. Learning from very experienced, authentic teachers. Loved it!



Completing this Intensive Yoga Training course has not only improved my practice, but it's also changed my life for the better. It’s an excellent course. Everyone should do it! My practice has changed completely since I started the course. I am stronger & more focused and I just want to keep learning! The curriculum is thorough and clear and the teachers are knowledgeable and inspiring. I loved every minute of it. I got so much more than I ever expected!



Great teaching. In-depth anatomy focus. Great preparation for the world of yoga teaching. Thank you!


The intensive Yoga Teacher training course changed not only my life, but my perspective on yoga. It’s made me realise how important my own self practice is to help me grow in order to become a successful yoga teacher. Challenging but fun, it covered everything I needed to start my yoga journey and all the faculty of teachers were extremely knowledgeable & professional. I found our environment supportive and very connected with other students.



Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Diversify your repertoire and become steeped in the study of alignment & anatomy, sequencing & structure, subtle body & philosophy, creative delivery, the art of adjusting and the business of building up a professional teaching career.

Immersions and workshops are available from as little as 3Hours CPD as recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) & Yoga Alliance USA.

No application & no minimum criteria is required to join these workshops; they are open to everyone. Visit our Workshops tab to view our workshop offerings (if a workshop offers CPD, it will be noted in the description).

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We also offer…

45Hour Vinyasa Flow Training with Joanne Ewen & Frankie Culpin

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100Hour Yin & Restorative Training with Nadine Watton

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Level 2 Anatomy Training with Karen Kirkness

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85Hour Pregnancy Yoga Training with Sally Parkes 

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Anatomy for Yoga CPD Training with Karen Kirkness

The Anatomy for Yoga course, with Karen Kirkness (MFA, MSc), offers insight into the human body for yoga students & teachers alike.

This exciting & unique course brings yoga practitioners closer to anatomy with the aid of presentation software, props, body painting and 3D models.

Karen will delve into the anatomy of yoga on the mat at Meadowlark, whilst simultaneously allowing students to get hands-on in small groups. Learning interactively, everyone will gain a thorough understanding of anatomy for yoga.

Karen will lead a Mysore Intensive week right after the Anatomy course concludes (15hrs CPD). This is a wonderful way to immerse yourself deeper into your practice and work closely with Karen over an extended period of time. Please enquire for bookings.

Please contact our trainings & CPD co-ordinator Nina if you have any queries:

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