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Music in the Studio

Our policy on music

You might notice we don't play music in our studio. Perhaps you've noticed the sound of the Shruti box softly resonating at Reception and in certain classes. Other classes are accompanied only by the sound of collective breathing.

Rather than playing music, some of our teachers share Spotify playlists for personal use at home while you are enjoying your yoga practice via Zoom. 

Occasionally, we collaborate with live DJs and musicians to offer live, in-studio sound accompaniment to yoga experiences.

Our main position is that yoga is a process of developing concentration through the practice of listening to the breath. Regularly playing music can sometimes distract from that goal, and we've found that not everyone agrees on the kind of music they like! After many years of operation, Meadowlark has decided to reopen from lockdown as a space of quietude, contemplation and reflection - without music.

If you do occasionally hear music in a class, you can be sure that the teacher has carefully chosen only royalty-free tracks and would be prepared to show appropriate documentation proving that status.

We invite you to listen to the rhythm of your breath as you practice.


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