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Online Mysore 2021 and beyond

One of the remarkable things we have learnt this past year, is how success practicing and teaching online Mysore style Ashtanga Vinyasa is. 

The ingenuity of how you all as practitioners have adapted to practicing at home has been truly a marvel to observe and support and we have come to realise how big and important our online community is and will now continue to be.

As we begin teaching in-studio again (17th May 2021) many of you who are continuing online maybe seeking clarity about the best time to practice with a teacher/ community. 

Reinforced by having our *incredible* senior Mysore teacher Amy Hughes now based in Cornwall, we have crafted a large part of our program online and hope it suits as many of you as possible. 

Before I dive any further, in the times were we do not have a quiet, dedicated online only time-slot, you'll see this phrase *Mysore connected.  This means that while our in-person Mysore room is open there will be an online connection streaming from the room.  The teacher running the physical room will also provide some small instructions and guidance for those online via this stream.  It still keeps us all *connected* as we navigate this next part of the covid journey. 

All of our led classes will also be online also, where the teacher will be mic'd up with Rode Go mic and watching you all on our large Imac screen! 

For AM practitioners: On the booking system of MindBody, you will still see the big 4 hour morning time-slots, this will stay like this at the moment, and so do sign into them as you normally do (even if you come at 0630 or 0900), whether it's the quiet dedicated online only slot or the mysore connected option.


The Zoom details for all Mysore offerings are onhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/6447661797 Passcode: yama

ONLINE Mysore Program focused timetable: 

  • Sunday: 

07:00-08:00 *Mysore connected (chant at 07:00)

08:30-10:30 Online Mysore with Amy (chant at 08:30)

  • Monday:

06:30-09:30 *Mysore connected (chant at 06:30 & 08:10)

17:30-19:00 Led Half Primary 

  • Tuesday:

06:30-08:15 Online Mysore with Amy (chant at 06:30)

08:30-11:00 *Mysore connected 

  • Wednesday

06:30-08:15 Online Mysore with Amy (chant at 06:30)

08:30-11:00 *Mysore connected 

17:30-19:00 *Mysore connected (chant at 17:30)

  • Thursday

06:30-08:30 *Mysore connected (chant at 06:30)

08:30-10:15 Online Mysore with Amy (chant at 08:30)

  • Friday

07:00-08:30 Led Primary (1st of month led half intermediate)

08:40-09:20 Chanting and Philosophy (Online only currently)

09:30-11:00 Led Primary 

17:30-19:15 *Mysore connected (chant at 17:45)


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