These are times for finding ways to practice and stay connected. We are continuously adding new classes and sessions from our core faculty.

Staying on the mat

We are committed to offering experiences that help our community stay safe and empowered through it all. Keep checking in as we update our blog regularly and post updates on Twitter to keep us all practising yoga and mindfulness when it is needed most.


Our not-for-profit yoga community is now offering classes, workshops, and trainings via LIVESTREAM for yoga practitioners at all levels.


Free Taster Session

Join Karen in her home shala for her Low Flow sessions, each sub-30-mins and all from the comfort of your home. These videos feature high-quality audio so be sure to turn up the volume to hear Karen's detailed insights. Suitable for all levels!


Access our entire Livestream offering with our new booking app... free, fast and easy to use!

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From backbends to inversions and into Ayurveda and more, focus on a topic of interest brought to life in our workshop series available year-round in the studio.



Our core faculty are dedicated to providing one-to-one instruction which can be offered in the studio or through our online platform. Great for beginners or anyone seeking personal tuition. 

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Get inspired by our range of professional training courses in anatomy, asana, philosophy, and specialist yoga subjects designed to level-up and enhance your offering as a current or prospective yoga teacher.


Mysore Style

Our approach to Mysore Style Ashtanga is inclusive, supportive, and transformational. Jump in!

Deepen your practice

Our professional training courses for yoga teachers are designed to be accessible, affordable, and available to anyone.

Yoga from Anywhere

Our online training platform complements your personal practice based at home, abroad, or just around the corner. Study with us in person in Edinburgh and keep in touch from wherever your journey leads you...


Beyond the Physical

Yoga is an ancient tradition with roots in culture and philosophy well worth exploring with our inspiring faculty in our online and real-time courses.

Classes and Workshops

We ♥ our grads

No words can describe the satisfaction and pride we take in developing our learning community, based on practice, teamwork, and a positive growing environment. The smiles say it all!

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From anatomy to philosophy to asana, focus on a topic of interest brought to life in our afternoon workshop series available year-round in the studio.

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Our community is largely based on fitting in "me time" around our family commitments. Check out our offering especially for expecting parents and mothers keen to restore and recharge postnatally.

Pre and Postnatal


Take time out for the more therapeutic experiences with some bodywork to support your active lifestyle.

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Keep in touch!

We are a non-profit small business founded, owned, and managed by people who care about yoga community. Our newsletters are crafted by our home team with love.

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