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All-levels Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore Programme

Our traditional Mysore programme is at the heart of Meadowlark Yoga's community. Everyone and all levels are welcome. We have an extensive program both in-studio and online options, morning and evening.


Our Mysore program operates both in-studio and online 6 days a weeks with a dedicated team of supportive teachers and community of friendly practitioners.  All are welcome!

The Zoom details for all Mysore offerings are on there is a waiting room enabled.  Please sign in with MBO in advance for both in-studio and online classes . 

What is a Mysore program?

A "Mysore" program is the traditional way to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. See the descriptions below to breakdown what you would expect from each class.

All Levels Mysore- style

We call our Mysore style classes, all levels because they truly are.

In this environment you learn the Ashtanga practice 1:1 within a group setting, at a pace that is relevant for you. 

In the Mysore room you will see daily practitioners of 25+ years and 2 weeks practicing side by side. All bodies, ability, ages, sizes, genders are welcome. 

Some students practices are 30 mins long, while others are 2hrs. Know that you can arrive and leave anytime within the time-slot of a Mysore class. 

Led Class

Our led style Ashtanga Vinyasa classes provide rhythm and structure to your regular practice. Everyone moves together with detail instructions on the postures and breath from the experienced teacher.

Not for total beginners, our half, full primary and intermediate series are a weekly offering on our program's schedule. 


We love Beginners!

Are you ready to learn a life-long practice of much physical and mental benefit?

We have specific monthly intensives, weekly beginners specific sessions that you might enjoy starting with or you can dive right into the Mysore room if you have a little Ashtanga experience.  

Read our Beginners specific post here or view our upcoming Beginners courses here.

Beyond the postures

We very much believe there's more to yoga than just the shapes you can make with you body.

We teach prānāyāma, chanting, philosophy, hold monthly community conference and book groups to invite more depth, debate and discussion to your study.

Mysore timetable

Updated April 2024


IN STUDIO in blue   ONLINE in Yellow

All the blue will happen in-studio. All in yellow will be online or hybrid livestream from the studio. 

To understand more about our online Mysore program read this blog post which will detail dedicated online Mysore, hybrid classes and Mysore connected*. 

Mysore specific Pricing Options

Our Mysore program operates with its own pricing structure to the rest of Meadowlark offerings (*other than the Unlimited Whole Meadowlark Pass). These pass options below give you access to all the Mysore timetable offerings.

6 day/week Mysore



on auto-renew £108 (contact [email protected]) £4.15 per class.

6 times per week access to AM & PM Mysore & Moon day yin class

Chanting/ pranayama/ conference for free.

Mysore google drive with resources and recordings


3 day/week Mysore



on auto-renew £76.50 (contact [email protected]) £5.88 per class

3 times per week access to AM & PM Mysore & Moon day yin class

Chanting/ pranayama/ conference for free

Mysore google drive with resources and recordings


Mysore Blocks & drop in

Single drop in= £17

valid for 3 months

5 class pass= £65

10 class pass= £120

valid for 12 months

Concessions apply to the above (not monthly passes): 10% Student / NHS employees / Senior Citizens (60+) 20% Edinburgh Uni Yoga Society (EUYS) / Yoga Teachers.


Unlimited Whole Meadowlark Pass



- Unlimited Mysore Program (In Studio and online)

- Unlimited In Studio and Livestream Meadowlark schedule (i.e. regular vinyasa classes and beyond)

Huge 35% discount off both regular passes- perfect for those diving regularly into all of Meadowlark's offerings.


Scholarships and financial support

We are committed to diminishing the barriers to practice for all and acknowledge that finance is one of the biggest in our modern yoga spaces.  We offer discounts regularly for those with varied financial needs and also have 4 bigger 100% scholarships for our Mysore program:

  • 1 x for general financial hardship
  • 1 x for marginalised communities. This could include (and not limited to) BAME and LGBTQ2SIA+. 
  • 2 x Work exchange scholarship 

To apply for any financial support, please email us and we will send you our application form. 

If you would like to support one of our scholarship offering[email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply download our booking app (iOS here, and Android here), set up your account on our MBO system, and reserve your space in any class you wish.

All of our online classes are on the same Zoom details are are not emailed out beforehand: There is a waiting room enabled. 

- Please bathe before practicing

- Out of town guests, welcome! Please have a small discussion with the teacher before you start.
- Please let the teacher know of any injuries you may have or if you are pregnant or if you would or would not like to be physically adjusted. 
- We encourage women to listen to their menstrual cycle and take rest where needed. 
- Please respect the practice times.
- Settle all payments before class
- You can bring a small bag of valuables into the room, but phones off/silent and if you have to use them (i.e. parent or on-call doctor) please go to the reception area.
- There are no morning classes on Full and New Moons; 'Moon Days' and a restorative Yin class offered (Evening Mysore does not follow Moon Days and will run as usual) Read more details HERE.

This is an important discussion between yourself and your teacher.  We will always ask you if you are comfortable with an assist and always encourage you to share with us openly if it doesn’t feel good.  In the Mysore setting, you will observe that lots of the teaching can be verbal, kinetic and physical.  The relationship of student and teacher is paramount to our community here at Meadowlark and always invite dialogue so that you feel safe in your practice. 

Yes, we are always happy to talk about this.  Since more of this information at Pattabhi Jois' abuse "came to light" in 2017 during the #metoo movement we have been addressing these issues and here are some of the resources online with blogs and podcasts HERE explaining our dialogue and action around the subject.  Please always talk to the Mysore team teachers about this openly at any point also. 

Rather than consent cards in our physical Mysore room, we have a note system where before you enter class you will find a space to write a confidential note and place it beside your mat in the room if you would like to that day. It could simply say "no adjustments" or "sore hip".  This allows dialogue to happen without it being public or verbal between you and your teacher. Of course, do talk to your teacher also if you'd prefer. Online Mysore you are invited to use the private chat feature on Zoom also. 

All of our main Mysore teachers have undertaken an 50 hour Trauma informed training with Edinburgh Community Yoga. Although they are not certified Trauma facilitators (TCTSY-F) we try to create "safer" spaces and teaching methods in our community. 

Good question. 

We write "Mysore team" on our booking system as the mysore program is made up of 4 senior teachers and 5 assistants. 


Emma Isokivi, our Level 2 authorised Mysore program director teaches the morning program. 

Vanessa Rigby late (9:30am) morning Mysore. 

Karen Kirkness, founder of Meadowlark Yoga teaches on Sunday and covers across the whole program.

Kirsten Waugh, teaches the evening program. 

Senior teacher Amy Hughes, teaches the online Mysore program and cover. 

Please wear clean, comfortable, breathable fabrics that allow you to move. 

This practice is designed to bring you more wellness and steadiness to your mind and body. It will challenge you on lots of different levels and allow you to take some of that learning into your everyday life. If done mindfully allow you to make your life fuller and easier. 

In our Mysore community we aim to find benefits that are more than physical and invite us to explore other aspects of the practice. 

Sign up for our quarterly Mysore specific newsletter filled with updates, philosophy and community events.


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