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Our 100, 300 & 500 Hour In-Studio Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Modules

Each summer we run a 100 hour (9 day) advanced teacher training intensive.  When combined, these modules can make up a 300 hour advanced training qualification.  If you already hold a 200 hour Yoga Alliance training qualification, you can combine a 300 qualification to gain your 500 hour certificate.

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Three Advanced Curriculums

Running annually, on rotation, these modules are available as standalone 100 hour qualifications, or combined for a 300 hour qualification.

Refined Teaching: Powerful Poetics in Movement & Meditation - June 2022

18th - 26th June 2022


Innovative Teaching: Anatomy of Krama - June 2023

17th - 25th June 2023


Traditional Teaching: Understanding Yoga as Healing - June 2024

15th - 23rd June 2024


Compare Pricing Options

This section shows a comparative breakdown of Training investment points.

100 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


9 Day Intensive

Summer Intensive

Open to all with an existing 200 hour teaching qualification

Can be built into a 300 or 500 hour qualification

3 curriculums to choose from


300 Hour Advanced Training



% Commitment Discount

3 Summer Intensives

200Hr required

Ashtanga required

Online membership included

300Hr Cert issued

Yoga Alliance accredited


500 Hour Complete Training



% Commitment Discount

flexible dates

finish as short as 2 years

finish as long as 5 years

starts with 200Hr Cert

3 Summer Intensives

Online membership included

300Hr Cert issued

Register as 500 Hours with Yoga Alliance


Our Home Team

We teach what we practice. Our faculty is based in a small, not-for-profit studio on the Meadows in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions. For a full download of allll the FAQs, see the section below this one.

Good question! As much as we are all moving toward a translineage utopia, it helps to have a common denominator. All our trainings are based on a contemporary view of the lineage of Krishnamacharya.

Although our faculty have all grown up amongst a rich variety of influences, the Ashtanga method is one that has stood the test of time. As such, the practical context of our training is rooted in the Primary and Intermediate series as developed in Mysore, India. We aim to teach from this method from the heart with open minds and safe hands.

Anyone applying to our Advanced Intensive should have at least a foundation in the Primary series. However, our uniqueness as a faculty is our commitment to forging the connections amongst tradition, science, art, and compassion. Short answer: Ashtanga, with a difference!

It's always best to ensure you are able to attend all the training dates for a course you intend to complete. That said, life often throws unavoidable curveballs our way and sometimes you have to leave early, come late, or miss a day.

We designed our Training Make-up Policy to ensure that all our Trainees have the best possible chance to successfully complete the minimum attendance requirements to graduate. It is in everyone's interest to find a positive route to achieving training goals, and basic attendance is fundamental to success. We set out the make-up options clearly in our Terms & Conditions so there are no surprises and everyone knows what is expected. These options are so important that we have a dedicated Make-up Policy that acts as a contract we all agree to before starting our training together.

Where hours of a training must be missed due to extenuating circumstances, make-up hours can be arranged. For known dates, it is best to get makeup hours pre-arranged before the start of the course. If something comes up during the course and a trainee has no choice but to miss hours, they can refer to the Make-up Policy for options to make up the hours required for successful completion of their training.

Well, aren't we all at some point? Injuries, disease, malaise, and changes in condition come in all shapes and sizes and none of us is immune. We can work with injuries. What we can't work with is pain or patterns fed by overly ambitious commitment to unrealistic goals!

Do not sign up for this Training if you are too tired, in pain, or otherwise overburdened to enjoy it. Seek treatment and self-care first, do your healing, then come back to us when you've made the space for thriving.

We feel you on this one. Love it or hate it, Ashtanga Yoga as developed by Pattabhi Jois with his guru, Krishnamacharya, is a main basis for modern yoga as we know it.

Our Trainings riff on and even rebel in response to what our faculty have parsed out of their Ashtanga roots for the last two decades. Rest assured that the Primary and Intermediate series are where the ideas begin... not where they end... and our approach is inclusive, moderate, and supportive.

Above all, we adapt the practice in conversation with what has come to light in recent years about guru worship. So if you don't love Ashtanga as previously experienced, take heart. With us, you'll encounter a version of it that is fresh, creative, and empowering.

Karen Kirkness - Meadowlark owner and founding teacher, 20 year yoga practitioner, holder of two masters degrees, former cyclist, subtle and gross anatomy enthusiast, all around dog's body and mother of two very young children.

Nadine Watton - Meadowlark founding teacher, 20 year yoga practitioner, former dancer and arranger of flowers, Yin & Restorative specialist, all around creative genius and mother of two young children.

Amy Hughes - Meadowlark Mysore team teacher, assistant to John Scott, 20 years yoga experience, fourth series Ashtanga practitioner, holder of a degree in literature, surfer, general badass and baby whisperer of indisputable talent.

Avid Yogi is the name of the Teacher Training Programme at Meadowlark Yoga. The idea behind it is to focus on the the love of yoga that unites us rather than emphasising divisions between styles.

"I loved every minute of this course, even the hard parts have taught me so much. It’s so hard to explain to people what’s involved because it has been so rich. I’m lucky that this isn’t the end & I’m so glad Meadowlark is my ashram."


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