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Covid safety for your in-studio Mysore class

We want everyone to feel as safe and as comfortable as possible to be able to attend our in-studio Mysore classes, alongside our extensive online offering. 

See below some finer details and points around a Covid “walk through”; entering and exiting your in-studio Mysore class so you can prepare in advance before arriving for the first time: 

  • As per all the general advice NHS/ Scottish Government, please stay at home if you are unwell or presenting any Covid-like symptoms. 
  • Please wear a face mask before entering the building. We will be asking all of our community to wear a mask in the communal spaces, until they reach their mat. 
  • There is a hand sanitising station before the internal glass door, please sanitise before using the keypad (code is as before, do ask the Mysore teachers/ knock on external windows if you can’t remember it). This keypad will be cleaned before, during and after each mysore session. 
  • There will be no sign in sheet, so you must sign up online before class. 
  • The Mysore door will be open the whole time, and all exit/entrance fans on during your practice. Keep this in mind as you think about clothing for your practice. 
  • Enjoy your practice! If your practice extends beyond the allocated 1:30mins, please know that you might be asked to doing your resting postures in the Moon studio (subject to availability). 
  • When your practice is finished please apply your mask, take all your belongings home with you and clean any props that you have used with sprays or wipes. 


  • If you want hands on assists, please bring your own clean towel and place beside your mat.

The teaching team will be:

  • Wearing masks.
  • Hand sanitising between each assist. 
  • Giving both verbal and physical assists. Please always let them know if you don't want to be physically touched. 

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